Thanksgiving has come and gone.  The turkey and trimmings have all been gobbled up and we’re all stuffed.  It’s time to turn our attention to Christmas, my favorite holiday of all! So let’s play You’ve Been Jingled!

Christmas is time for sharing and giving.  Here’s a fun neighborhood game to help you spread holiday cheer.  It’s exactly like the other neighborhood games we played this year during Halloween and Thanksgiving, this one just has a Christmas theme, You’ve Been Jingled!

You’ve Been Jingled is easy and fun, best of all the kids will love it.  It also helps teach the kids the importance of sharing, just like You’ve Been Booed, and You’ve Been Gobbled did during Halloween and Thanksgiving.  You might say we’re continuing the lesson!

My grandsons love playing “elves”.  We have a great time looking for creative ways to package the treats, we try to be unique.  Then we love choosing the treats themselves, they don’t have to be store bought!  It’s perfectly acceptable to give homemade cookies and candies, who doesn’t love homemade?  The best part for the kids is sneaking the treats to the neighbors without being seen.  They have a blast!

The game isn’t limited to your neighborhood, you can play this at the office, school, and pretty much anywhere you want to spread the holiday spirit.

It’s easy, just make up a couple of baskets filled with holiday treats and drop it off at 2 neighbors’ doors or co-workers’ desks.  Ring the bell and disappear without being seen.  Be sure to include a copy of the directions in the baskets so they can continue the game.

Click here for free game printable!