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Halloween has always been one of our favorite holidays.  There’s candy, parties, costumes, decorations and lots of thrills; what’s not to love?  For us it also marks the start of the holiday season.

So when October comes around we drag out the Halloween decorations, of which we own many, and decorate. Then of course there are costumes to be decided on and to make; this process usually starts before summer ends giving us plenty of time to make them.

Of course the best part of Halloween is trick or treating on Halloween night.  The kids, even the teens, look forward to that!  But the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on this beloved tradition; a tradition even hurricanes can’t seem to cancel (here in Hawaii when a hurricane or storm threatens to cancel trick or treating the Governor has been known to postpone it until the next day or as soon as the weather clears up.  I’m not so sure anyone can postpone Halloween long enough until the pandemic is over.  Nor am I sure how many parents are willing to venture out to take the kids trick or treating; or for that matter how many folks are comfortable enough to open their doors to a bunch of trick or treaters.

I’m pretty sure we’ll be keeping the kids home this year.  Bummer!  But that doesn’t mean we won’t be celebrating Halloween, we’ll just have to do it differently!

In past years we’ve played a neighborhood game called “You’ve Been Booed”.  It’s a great way to share some treats with neighbors, friends, and family.  It’s fun too because the object of the game is to deliver the treats anonymously without being seen!  Sounds perfect for the current situation!  It’s probably a good idea to get together with neighbors and agree to play this game so that it’s not quite as anonymous and everyone will be prepared to receive a basket at their door.  You can’t be too careful these days!

Also be sure to get the kids involved!  Let them help make treat baskets and deliver them.  Our kids really get in to the spirit as they plot out how best to deliver the treat baskets without getting caught!  And when they make their deliveries there’s usually so much giggling and whispering it’s amazing they don’t get caught!

To help you and your neighbors play this fun Halloween game our team has created some free printable pages for you to use.  Just click on the links at the bottom of this post to download and print the ones you like.

These are the Boo Baskets we made to share.  I used my Cricut Maker to make the Layered Boo Letters which I taped together and mounted on a stick.  It’s a super cute topper!

The Layered Boo I used is a free cut file from Special Hearts Studio!  Just download the file, save it to your computer then upload it to any Cricut or cutting machine the uses SVG files!  The letters are cut in layers and  you’ll have to glue them together.  It’s best to keep a picture of the finished design to help guide you with the layers.  BTW you can customize the colors to what ever you want!  Click here for the free SVG file from Special Hearts Studio!

I tucked into each basked one of my super cute Halloween Treat Boxes I also made with my Cricut Maker! Another fun Halloween Project.  I used the free cut files from Crafting Cheerfully.  These cute little boxes are simple to make and if you want to you can also cut out clear plastic squares to place under the box lid for a very professional look!  Click here for the free SVG file from Crafting Cheerfully!

But before you start printing here’s how you play the game!

  1. Print out 2 sets of the You’ve Been Booed sheets – 1 sheet says You’ve Been Booed and has instructions on how to keep the game going; the other sheet says We’ve Been Booed, a sign which those who’ve already received a treat can place on their front door or window to let others know they’ve received a treat.  Of course you can still give them a treat if you want to!
  2. Prepare 2 (or more if you want to) baskets or boxes of treats to be enjoyed by the whole family.  Include one set of You’ve Been Booed sheets in the basket.
  3. Drop off the baskets to your neighbors who haven’t been “Booed” yet, unless of course you want to drop off a basket to more than 2 neighbors regardless if they’ve been booed or not.

That’s it!  Easy peasy! So scroll down for our free printable sheets!

Cute Witch Printable click here!



Graveyard Printable click here!



Graveyard Scene Printable click here!




Jack-O-Lanterns Printable click here!




Haunted House Printable click here!




Mummy Printable click here!




Trick or Treaters Printable click here!



Fun Haunted House Printable click here!


Witchy Haunted House printable click here!



Haunted Witch Village printable click here!



Scarecrow printable click here!

Happy Halloween!