You’re Never Too Old to Have These Things at Your Party

Jun 21, 2022 | Adult Parties & Events, Parties

Who says that just because you’re an adult, you have to stop doing certain things? Sure, there are some things that are no longer appropriate, but you definitely don’t have to stop having fun. If you’re planning a party as an adult, making it a kid-themed party is a fun idea. You can have all of the classic birthday party elements for the ultimate nostalgic event that you can enjoy with your friends. And you can also add some adult elements, like some alcohol or some more grown-up music and entertainment to get the best of both worlds. Here are some of the things to make sure you include in your party.

Cake with Candles

No one is ever too old for a birthday cake. And if you want to top it with the right number of candles and force everyone to sing Happy Birthday to you, why shouldn’t you? As you get older, it does require a few more candles though, so you might want to limit yourself to some numbered candles to reduce the fire risk. You can choose to get a proper adult cake or you could pick your childhood favorite if there’s something that you have in mind.

Fun Party Games

Being an adult doesn’t mean you can’t play party games anymore. And there are lots of fun kids’ party games that are still fun to play as adults. Get yourself a party piñata so you can all have a try at whacking something while blindfolded (probably best not to mix with alcohol). You could fill it with candy or think of something else to put in there if you want to do something different. There are plenty of other traditional party games you could play and you could find ways to make them more adult if you want to.

Party Foods

Kids’ birthday parties are full of great finger foods and things that are perfect for children. When you’re having a party as an adult, you don’t have to have oysters and caviar. If you have good memories of party foods from when you were younger, you could use them to inspire you for whatever food you want to have. There are plenty of easy foods to do for a party too, such as pizza, hot dogs, or anything else that’s simple to cook and eat whenever you’re ready for it.

Party Favors for Your Guests

Sending your guests home with goodie bags is a fun idea, so why not make sure they have something to take home with them? There are lots of things you could give them, from birthday cake to bubbles or some candy. Think of things that they can enjoy that continue your childish theme so they can still experience the nostalgia once they go home. Or put together a hangover recovery kit for them so they can feel better in the morning.

You might be an adult, but you’re never too old to have a fun and childish birthday party. Embrace nostalgia and set up a party that everyone will love.

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