Yarn Wrapped Hearts – Neutral Valentine’s Day Craft & Decor Idea

Feb 3, 2023 | Corner, DIY Crafts, DIY Holiday Crafts, DIY Projects, Valentine's Day

Yarn Wrapped Hearts - Valentine Day Craft Ideas

I was toying with putting together a top 5 or top 10 posts of the year post.


But then I looked up from my computer screen at Kelly & Ryan on my television screen. And they were doing a show showing their top moments (or maybe it was favorite moments) from the past year. And it hit me …


the only people who enjoy a show featuring the show’s top moments from the past year are the people working on the show.




And that put a kibosh on a top 5 or top 10 posts of 2017 post.


Neutral Valentine Day Craft Idea - Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Instead, let’s look forward and open our (yarn wrapped) hearts to 2023.


But seriously, I don’t want to make any resolutions. Per se. Because then I’m destined for failure.


Instead I’ll call them minor improvements. And minor adjustments. Things I want to improve upon — and adjust — in the coming year.


Let’s start with health. Eating better. Exercising more. And, most importantly, trying to get on a real and sustainable eating-better-and-exercising-more schedule.


Then there’s the rabbit hole that is social media. In particular, a Twitter feed I used to keep apprised of current events. I hop on first thing in the morning and …


well ….


fall head first down that hole, only emerging for tea refreshes and bathroom breaks and sustenance.


To put it in perspective, over the past 12 months I’ve tweeted and re-tweeted 11.6K times. In my defense, 95% are re-tweets …

but, yeah, this Twitter habit needs to be cut back. Waaaaaaaaaay back.


Even as I type this post I keep jumping back on Twitter to peak at my feed.




Next up is blogging.


Last year was, quite frankly, lackluster. Weeks would go by with no posts. No projects. No motivation. There was even a time my blog was hacked and I didn’t realize it for days. Or maybe weeks?


Yeah. I was inattentive.


I hope to remedy that this year. I actually spent the past weekend putting together a list of projects. With deadlines. And creating an editorial calendar for January.


Fingers crossed I can keep to the schedule. Though this post was supposed to go up yesterday.




Finally (because I think it may be too ambitious to focus on more than four “improvements” when I’m already failing on “improvement” #2 on this 4th day of the New Year) there’s my heart.


I need to open it up more. Wider.


Okay, I truly do have an open heart. In theory. Now I need to take that open heart and put it into action.


In my community.


In my city.


In my state.


In my nation.


I started small yesterday. With a donation to a group in Chicago helping the homeless stay warm with clothes, blankets, and meals.


And I will continue to look for opportunities for open-heart-driven improvements. And adjustments.


In the meanwhile, I’ll be wrapping up my heart with yarn …


How to Make Yarn Wrapped Hearts




Heart Shape

Pen & Scissors

Masking Tape


Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Print out and cut out heart shape; trace onto cardboard (I used an old box that was originally destined for the recycle bin)

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Cut out cardboard hearts.

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Use a piece of masking tape to tape end of yard to cardboard heart.

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Wrap yarn randomly around the cardboard heart. Continue until cardboard is completely covered.

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

When covered, cut off yarn and then loop the end through another piece of yarn and knot.

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Cut off excess length.

Neutral Valentine's Day Decor Ideas with Yarn Wrapped Hearts

And you’re done.

Yarn Wrapped Hearts


Yarn Wrapped Hearts


And you know what the best thing about this project is? I used what I had.


Hey, that’s going to be my improvement/adjustment number five in 2018. Craft with what I have …


because I’ve accumulated a lot of crafting materials over the past 6 years of this blog.


What improvements and adjustments do you have planned for the coming year?

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