Independent living is something that everyone should aim to achieve. When you’re young and in the prime of your life, you will live independently. This doesn’t necessarily mean you live all by yourself; it means you can get by without relying on others for help. You can cook, clean, and do all your daily tasks without needing to call someone to come and help. 

Now, as you get older, the chances of living independently start to decrease. This is why a lot of older people end up in senior living facilities when they reach a certain age. These facilities offer support for those that need it, and they can be very helpful. However, the ideal scenario is that you can live your entire life being as independent as can be, never needing to leave your family home. 

With that in mind, the key to independent living is regular exercise. Wait a minute, is it really that simple? Well…yes, it is. Exercising is so beneficial for you, and here’s how it can help you as you get older:

Improve your physical strength & decrease injury risks

When you exercise regularly, it will improve your physical strength. Already, this makes you capable of doing tasks and things that you might have required help for. We’re talking about simple things – like carrying the shopping bags to and from your car. The more you exercise, the stronger you get, physically. 

Alongside this, strengthening your muscles through exercising can help to stabilize joints and prevent common injuries that you might suffer later in life. Thus, you don’t get injured and don’t need extra help. 

Enhance your motor skills

Another great benefit of exercising is that it helps you train your motor skills. Doing certain exercises will make you move different limbs and muscles at once, all while remaining balanced. This translates to your daily life by making it easier for you to get around and do things. Similarly, it can improve your general balance, which stops you from falling over. As you get older, the risk of falling will increase – which is what leads to a lot of injuries. By exercising regularly, there’s a good chance you can prevent this from happening, meaning you can live more independently. 

Reduce your risk of illness

Finally, there’s a direct link between regular exercise and an improved immune system. Therefore, working out can help you prevent common illnesses. Not only that, but it can prevent some more severe health problems that might mean you need constant attention. For instance, exercise can stop you from gaining a lot of weight, which might put you at risk of heart problems. As such, you won’t need to be looked after because you’re a high risk of something serious – like a heart attack. 

Overall, regular exercise is so beneficial for your health and wellbeing. If you want to enjoy independent living for as long as possible, you need to follow an exercise routine. This doesn’t mean you should be in the gym every single day – there are loads of ways to exercise throughout the day, even if you’re stuck at home!