What To Know When You Adopt A Pair Of Kittens

Nov 25, 2020 | House Hold Tips, Pet Corner

Kittens are regarded as some of the most beloved domestic animals in the world, and along with puppies make everyone in the vicinity collectively go 


If you are looking to adopt a pet this year and you believe that a kitten is the right choice for you and your lifestyle – now is the time to take a look and consider what you are to expect if you do adopt a kitten this Christmas. 

They are crazy 

If you have seen pictures and videos of kittens calmly sleeping for hours on end, this is accurate – however what you don’t see is the hours between these short naps where a kitten is running around the house like a crazy person. Kittens are incredibly playful and curious, and when you bring one into your home they will spend a lot of their time exploring and running around playing with anything they can find. Be aware that in the first few months of kitten ownership you need to be all hands on deck! 

They sleep a lot 

As well as running around and playing, it is not unusual for a kitten to sleep for between 16 and 20 hours everyday. Kittens are still babies, and until they are around 1 year old they will be very much like having a baby or toddler in your home. Be sure to place lots of beds and blankets around the house for them to curl up and take a nap. 

They love to chew 

Just like babies, at around 16 weeks old your kitten will start to teeth. Teething in kittens is thankfully not as traumatic as a child; but a kitten will chew anything from toys to furniture to cables, and even sometimes you. Be aware to stock up on hard toys for their teething stage and make sure there is always a toy in view for your kitten to teeth with. And don’t be alarmed if you find a tooth on the floor now and again! 

They need their own space 

Like all cats, kittens need their own space as well as space with you. When you first bring a kitten home you should have a room set up in the house which has a bed, food and water, and litter box in easy reach. Your young kitten needs to know where everything is in their new home because if they don’t it could cause anxiety as well as a little accident. Leave this room as their main room, but also bring kitten toys and beds into the rest of the house so that when they are ready to explore, they feel like this is their home as much as yours.

They have sensitive tummies 

You can’t feed a kitten the same things as a fully grown cat – and if kittens eat things that are inedible whole playing they will get an upset tummy. It is a good idea to stock up on vitamins and supplements on petness.com to ensure that you can give your kitten everything they need in their diet to stay healthy and solid.

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