What Parts Of A Big Party Should You Outsource?

May 18, 2022 | Parties

If you’re planning a particularly big party, such as one that has more than a hundred guests or one that is for a particularly special event, then it can become clear that you shouldn’t try and handle everything yourself. Thankfully, you don’t have to. There’s a big old industry of party planning help out there, but what can you outsource to the professionals and how can it help?

The venue

Your backyard might be good for a couple dozen people but if the invite list starts getting too big then you need to start looking at which venues can host you. Choosing the right venue is all about asking the right questions. You need to be well aware of what the venue provides in terms of beverages and food, whether you can bring your own food and vendors, and what the fees for the venue include. Different vendors all do things very differently, with some being more restrictive and others being looser about letting you plan your own thing within their space.

The entertainment

Most parties are going to involve some entertainment. It’s all about matching that entertainment to the vibe. For instance, DJs can be great for high-energy events, whether it’s for kids or for the whole family, but they might not be as well suited to events that are supposed to be a little more formal or serious. There are plenty of party entertainment agencies that can help you choose the right act to keep your crowd in the mood to keep partying, so take a look at those located near you.

The food

Of course, no party is complete without the right food. You might find that your choice of venue will take care of the food for you but, if that’s the case, you have to ensure that you try it ahead of time. In many cases, working with a catering service that is dedicated to serving food and nothing else will result in higher quality. Try to match the type of food to the kind of event, as well. An outdoor event in the summer might go great with a barbecue, but it might not be as fitting for an event with a more formal dress code.

The details

Of course, there are plenty of other providers who can help you put together all of the little details that help bring the whole party together. This can include designers, photographers, florists, sound and A/V, as well as party decoration hire. There are also event coordinators or event planners that you can hire that might take care of many of these for you. Unless they are specifically caterers, however, they tend not to do food, so you should make sure to plan for that, yourself.

If you’re feeling like the weight of planning a party is getting a little too much for you and you have the budget to cover it, why not outsource a little more of the planning efforts? You can ensure a great party without stressing yourself out quite as much.

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