Valentine cardsAll kids love to give and receive Valentine Cards, specially those that come with a sweet treat.

The easiest way to give out Valentine Cards is to buy ready made one, some even come with the treat.  Just print your child’s name on the card and send him to school with a bag of boxed conversation hearts or whatever.

I know my grandkids come home with lots of Valentine Cards and candies.  But do you really want kids to have all that candy?  Or if your child has allergies, like my grandson Jett, edible treats aren’t such a good idea.   That’s why instead of candy we look for creative ways to send a non-edible treat to school on Valentine’s Day.


Here are 4 ideas for non-edible Valentine Cards to send to your child’s classroom.  Trust me the parents will appreciate it!

valentine cardsStar Wars Card

Star Wars is popular again so why not send a Star Wars Card with a glow stick.  This is one of my favorites!

Click here to find out how to make a Star Wars Card.[spacer height=”-5px”]



Valentine cardsDino-Mite Card

Print out these cute Dino-Mite cards and attach a small dinosaur on them.  Kids will love it!

You can get a bag of dinosaur figurines at most discount stores.  [spacer height=”-5px”]


valentine cardsRace Car Card

Instead of dinosaurs give out race cars!  You can attach them to this card with a race track background.[spacer height=”-5px”]



valentine cardsHeart Cut Out Card

If you believe that all Valentine cards must have a heart then make these simple cards with a heart cut out.  I used a a Sizzix Big Kit to cut out the heart design, but you can use a heart shaped punch or stamp instead.

You can stick or tie on these cards to whatever treat you’re sending to the classroom.[spacer height=”-5px”]