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Father’s day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June, which means it’s June, 17 in 2018, and June, 16 in 2019. We’ll not talk about the history and the meaning of this holiday — only about the father’s day gifts. You’ve opened this page because you didn’t know what to get for father’s day, not because you wanted to read an essay about this day, right?

What to get dad for father’s day?

We’ll start with three universal gifts. Many dads have beards so they take care of them, all of them need weekenders, and almost all of them have cars, so a car vacuum cleaner would be useful.

Beard trimmer kit

If your dad has a beard, that’s basically the best thing you can buy. A good beard trimmer would work him to take care of his beard, mustache, and to change the shape of it. He’ll be happy with it (but make sure that he has a beard, of course).

Facial Hair Trimmer Kit

It’s powerful, it looks great, it’s a useful gift for a man, and it’s a great gift because of its box.
It can be used both for a beard, for mustache and for neck hair, for example.

Weekender bag

Does your dad travel a lot? Well, even if he doesn’t, a decent and high quality weekender bag would still be useful. Men often travel (like a short business trip or a weekend travel), so this bag can be the cure for such cases.

S-Zone Canvas Leather Weekend Bag

This bag is made of soft canvas with leather straps and high quality zippers. I like the appearance — it’s a perfect bag for a man over 40.

Car vacuum cleaner

If your father has a car (and we bet he has), a vacuum cleaner is a necessary thing. Your dad will be happy, his car will be cleaner — looks like a win-win situation, right?

Hotor 4th Gen Car Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner is quite powerful, the manufacturer offers a good warranty, and it’s actually the best choice for a car.

So, we’ve done with the very first step. Let’s now talk about something else — what about more specific gifts for a dad who loves to cook & to grill. And of course there are two basic, universal gifts for every dad here.

Father’s day gifts from daughter

If you are the daughter of the best dad in the world, you probably need something small (yet valuable) for your dad. Here we have three examples of such gifts.

Outdoor grill

There are dozens of outdoor grills and the choice can be quite difficult. Look at them here (but we’ve already chosen the best portable BBQ grill for you dad).

ISUMER Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill

Its weight is only 8.6 pounds (or 4 kg)! The best portable grill you can find.
With this product, your dad will be able to go on a picnic or camping. Perfect!

Wooden docking station

A docking station is a small stand for a smartphone. A good station is also a key holder and a watch organizer — and wood is a perfect material for such products. Wood docking stations are eco-friendly and they look great!

Wood Phone Docking Station

Solid walnut wood looks expensive. This material is also quite smooth so you shouldn’t worry about the scratches.

Electric massager

Men often suffer from muscle tension. If you want your dad to feel better, think about a good electric massager — they are small, cheap and they are exactly what a man needs.

Handheld Percussion Massager

It’s very functional — with 6 modes and 6 speeds, your dad will definitely find the best mode for him. It’s perfect both for pain relief and for massage, so even if your dad’s back doesn’t hurt, it’s still a necessary thing.

So, we’ve done with that. If you aren’t satisfied with an electric massager with a wooden docking station, continue reading — we have even more interesting items here.

Good fathers day gifts for papa

Look what we’ve got here! A barbecue set, a gift card and a magnetic wristband — looks like a set of gifts that would be perfect if you aren’t sure what to buy.

Barbecue tools set

We’ve already talked about a portable grill, but now it’s time to go deeper. You can buy a cool set of BBQ tools here — if your dad loves barbecue, this would be one of the best choices for a Father’s day.

Kacebela BBQ Tools Set

So, this set includes a fork, a knife, two brushes, four skewers, 8 corn holders… It’s great. It’s made of stainless steel — this material doesn’t rust and it’s perfect for grill tools.

Gift card

It’s the best of the quick father’s day gifts — I mean if you don’t have enough time to choose, just buy it and let your father choose something according to his taste. All the gift cards are here.

Amazon eGift Card

Choose any amount and any delivery method, any design and any message — we are sure that you know your father better, so customize it by yourself!

Magnetic wristband for screws

If your dad spends hours inside his garage (at least sometimes) or if he is a DIYer, just buy this wristband and he’ll be happy with it. Such wristbands make the life easier, they are like a third helping hand — and the majority of men would like such a gift.

VITTAL Magnetic Wristband

It’s the best item. 15 magnets make all the types of work easier, and it’s one of those DIY tools your dad will use every single day!

Let’s continue talking about the DIY tools. We’ve found the best tool set that would work well if your dad is into all these DIY stuff. Universal gift basket and cool outdoor bar table are here, too.

Unique father’s day deliverable gifts

Want to buy something unique? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Pay attention to these three categories — they aren’t too expensive, but they will definitely help you to express your feelings. And to please your dad, of course.

Tool set

What about a tool set for your father? We are sure he’s into DIY (at least sometimes), so a new, multifunctional and cool tool set would be helpful and useful. If you don’t know anything about such tools, we have the best option here:

STANLEY Mixed 210-piece tool set

Basically, I can’t say much here. It’s a big set of tools, and your dad will find everything he needs here. Hand tools (screwdrivers, pliers, knife, tape rule, etc.) and mechanic tools are included.

A great dad gift basket

Yes, a basket with snacks. Come on, all men love snacks — so why not buy a basket of them?

Gift Basket Village

Sausages, crackers, cheese, beef salami — if you don’t know what to buy, snacks could be the perfect solution.
This basket looks perfect and the contents are very good, too.

Cool bar table

Another accessory for a cool BBQ party! If you want your dad to make parties with your family (or with his friends), we recommend to think about the thing that would keep the drinks cold for a long time. Of course, it can be a portable fridge or something like it, but do all these items look as great as a cooler table? Of course, they don’t!

Keter 7.5 Gal Cooler Table

The tabletop is extendable, so your dad will be able to use it both as a coffee table and as a cocktail table.
Oh, and this is a cooler table, so it keeps the drinks cold for the long time (up to 12 hours!). Perfect choice for a cocktail or BBQ party.

These gifts are very cool, but they are quite expensive. If you are looking for something cheaper (but still great), pay attention to the next paragraph!

Cheap fun fathers day gifts for dad

Price is very important, too. Unfortunately, difficult times happen — but it’s not a problem. If you are looking for some cheap mens gifts, we have them here.

Personalized t-shirt

It’s a universal gift, don’t you agree? You can choose any text, any color and any size — and we are sure your father will like this personalized t-shirt. Even if it’s a quite cheap gift, it doesn’t matter.

Custom T-Shirt

Well, it’s a decent T-shirt made of 100% cotton — all the other features depend on you only. Choose the color, the size and the text and tell your father that he’s the #1 dad!

Engraved hammer

It’s not the most popular gift, but definitely a very meaningful one. Basically, such hammers are just ordinary hammers, but with a cool engraved message on them — you can look at them here.

Engraved Hammer

The message here is “let’s build more memories together”, and it’s great. Just imagine your dad making his wooden projects and smiling because of the engraving — looks great, doesn’t it?

Beer mug

Simple, cheap and cool gift. It’s all about the engraving, right? You can customize the beer mug however you want or leave it with the default engraving, it doesn’t matter — the price doesn’t depend on it.

16 oz Beer Mug

It’s a 16 oz mug made of glass. It’s a very cheap yet interesting gift — even if your father doesn’t like drinking beer, it’s still a very cool mug. Quality at low cost, it’s real!

Let’s now return to the personalized gifts. They are perfect and unique, and if you still haven’t made your choice, we are sure that personalized presents can be exactly what you need. You can customize them according to your thoughts, that’s why they are cool — and that’s why your dad will love such a gift.

Best personalized father’s day gifts ideas

So, it’s time for the personalized gifts. Here we’ve gathered three items: a flask, a pocket watch and a whiskey decanter — these gifts are great even without personal engravings, but with them, they become even better.

Customized flask

The problem is: hundreds of different flasks are available on the market. Well, you will 100% not be confused by the assortment, because we’ve already found the best flask. Seriously, it’s the best (however, you can still choose another one here).

Personalized Matte Black Flask

It’s made of steel, it’s a cool 6 oz flask and it’s very, very good. You can print the name of your dad on this flask, some key dates or a meaningful quote — it’s only you who makes the choice.

Personalized pocket watch

If you want to make a unique gift, pay attention to pocket watches! They look great, they are made of steel and they are not too expensive, so they look like a perfect gift for your father. All his friends will be jealous, 100%!

Personalized Gunmetal Pocket Watch

Classic black pocket watch with Roman numerals. You can choose any date, name or quote to be engraved on the watch — perfect gift for all dads.

Engraved whiskey decanter and glasses set

If your father prefers good whiskey, you’ve just found the best gift for him. Whiskey decanters are perfect for every holiday, and Father’s day isn’t an exception.

Custom Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

This decanter would look great on any bar. You can engrave your father’s name, a significant date or anything else on the decanter and on the glasses (there are 4 of them in the set).

Now it’s time to talk about the gifts for husband from wife. It makes sense that these gifts must be amazing, useful and you’ll have to know your husband well to choose them (but it’s not a problem, right?).

Awesome father’s day gifts for husband from wife

If you are looking for a good gift for your husband, we have them here. Choose among a perfume, a power bank and cool Bluetooth headphones and make the Father’s day even better!


Do you know your husband very well? Do you know what kind of perfumes does he prefer and what perfume would suit him best? Well, if you have at least one “yes”, you can check the best perfumes here or buy the one we’ve chosen for you.

Dreamer by Versace

Wild flowers, amber and tobacco — sounds (and smells!) like the best possible option for your husband. And it’s Versace original, so you will not be disappointed with the quality.

Power bank

Want your husband to be available 24/7? Then check the powerbanks out. A power bank is a small battery that lets the owner charge his phone or any other device at any time and place.

Anker PowerCore 13000

It’s very compact and very powerful — your husband will be able to charge his smartphone 4-5 times with it. The rating of this device is extremely high so he’ll be happy with the quality.

Bluetooth headphones

Does your husband love good music? We are sure he does, and in this case you’ll not find a better gift than cool brand new wireless headphones. Why wireless? Because we live in 21st century, of course! It’s time to get rid of wires.

COWIN E7 Bluetooth Headphones

Headphones with noise canceling technology (it reduces the noise so your husband will focus on the music only), with good bass and with fine battery (750 mAh) — he will 100% love them.

If you are a son who wants to buy the best present for his father, continue reading — the next paragraph is all about the creative gifts from sons. Creative, get it?

Perfect creative father’s day presents from son

So let’s be creative. Any gift from this list would be a great surprise and you can be sure that your father doesn’t have any of them so he’ll be really glad.

Book light

If your father loves reading books, this gift would be really useful. With this light, he’ll be able to read during nights without disturbing anyone’s sleeping! You can choose a book light here, but you won’t find anything better than this:

LePower Clip on Light

Your dad will be able to adjust the brightness according to his needs (there are three options). This light is quite small but still bright — the best choice for table, desk and bed. And for laptops, of course.

Oil diffuser

If you want your dad and mom feel relaxed and sleep better, we recommend to buy an oil diffuser. What can be better than aromatherapy with a natural essential oil?

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

It’s an excellent oil diffuser. It’s very quiet, programmable, it looks cool and the light is not too bright so your dad will use it during the nights without any problems.
And don’t forget about the oils, of course!

Globe decanter

We’ve already talked about the engraved decanters… But they weren’t globe decanters! These decanters look like necessary accessories for your dad’s room, don’t they?

Godinger Decanter Globe Set

Decanter (850 ml) and two whiskey glasses are extremely good. Your dad will love this gift, that’s what we can say here.

What about some clothes? Look what we’ve gathered for your boyfriend here.

Great father’s day gift for boyfriend from girlfriend

Belt, shoe care kit and tie. We have nothing to say here — each gift from these three is a perfect present for each man.

Leather belt

It’s one of those classic fashion things that would suit every occasion. A good leather belt would be a great gift on a Father’s day.

Savile Row Men’s Leather Belt

It’s a hand cut and hand made belt made in New York. Probably the best quality available in this market.
It can be used with both casual and formal looks, and of course, the price is quite reasonable.

Shoe care kit

A true gentleman must keep his shoes shined, agree? If you want your boyfriend to look like a real gentleman, pay attention to the shoe care kits. They are not too expensive, but the effect… wow. Kiwi Shoe Care Valet

The box contains cloths, daubers, brushes, shoe horn and two premium paste tins. It works well, it looks great (the wooden box is perfect) and it’s worth the money.

A tie

Well, it’s a classic gift for a classic men’s style. Every man should have at least a few ties in the wardrobe, and if your man still doesn’t have any, you have a chance to make the coolest gift in the world!

Pointed Designs Men’s Tie Set

So, what about a set instead of a single tie? Here you’ll find 5 ties and 2 tie bars — the ties are handmade, made of microfiber, and they look really premium. Just look here:

Ties and belts are cool, with no doubts, but let’s now return to the Father’s day presents. You’ll find 3 more personalized gifts in the following paragraph.

Top custom fathers day presents

Customized gifts are very cool because, well, they can be customized. Look at these three.

Personalized wallet

You can order any monogram you want, so such a wallet isn’t just a good gift, it’s also a very meaningful one.

Swanky Banger Wallet

This wallet is made of cow leather, it includes ID sleeve and can contain up to 8 credit cards. Looks great!

Custom bracelet

Even if your father doesn’t wear bracelets, buy him an engraved one! He’ll like it, we are sure.

PJ Jewelry Classic Bracelet

A bracelet made of stainless steel, 20cm long, sturdy and really durable, as all the jewelry made of stainless steel. Personalization is another amazing option.

Engraved knife

All men love knives. One more time: all men. You just can’t make a bad gift if it’s a knife, and if it’s an engraved knife, it’s automatically a perfect gift!

Brass Boncho Engraved Knife

Double customization — you can customize both the knife and the box! Btw, the box is perfect for a gift. And the knife is perfect, too.

Let’s talk about simple gifts you can order online. They are quite cool, too.

Simple father’s day gifts online

And when we say “cool”, we mean it. Meet the best travel cooler, the coffeemaker and the high quality bathrobe!

Travel cooler

Another great gift for the fathers who like BBQ and camping. Check them out here.

MIER Soft Cooler Bag

It’s a polyester soft bag with a good capacity (up to 30 cans). Durable, lightweight, high quality.

Coffee maker

If your dad loves drinking coffee, check the coffee makers out. They are cheap, they are useful and they work perfectly as gifts.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

It’s a very reputable and high quality coffee maker. Your dad will be able to make one cup or the full carafe (12 cups) of a delicious coffee.


If you don’t know what to buy, buy a bathrobe — it’s a perfect universal gift.

Unisex Terry Cloth Bathrobe

100% Egyptian cotton bathrobe, made of a high quality and soft material. You can choose any color and size.

Well done. But what if you want to buy a Father’s day gift for your brother? Continue reading then!

Sentimental father’s day gifts for brother

If you are looking for something sentimental for your brother, check this list out. We have something cool here.

Customized keychain

Like a personalized keychain, for example. What’s more sentimental than that?

Leather keychain

Choose what to write, choose the color and place the order. Your brother will love it.


Customized necklace, of course. Put any date or name you want on it.

Jovivi Engraved Necklace

It’s basically a steel bar with engraving on it. Very stylish, very meaningful… Very cheap!

Engraved guitar picks

Another cheap but really meaningful gift. Would work well only if your brother plays guitar, of course.

Custom Guitar Pick

Choose any engraving you want (but not a long phrase, of course). Very simple gift that would work well for a musician.

Are you ready to spend more than that? Then continue reading.

Cool things to get your dad for father’s day

Here we’ve collected three quite expensive devices, but you can always choose something cheaper.


We’ve chosen Samsung, but you can look at all the tablets here. They are not too cheap, but it’s a very good gift for everyone.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Powerful processor, big and bright screen, Samsung quality — your dad won’t be disappointed.


Samsung again! But you can choose iPhone, Huawei or anything else if you don’t like this manufacturer.

Samsung S7 Edge

A big 5.5” screen and big icons are perfect for all ages. It’s a very powerful and fast smartphone with good camera so your dad will send you only the best photos!


Choose any e-reader here (but Kindle is still the best one). If your dad loves reading, make it easier for him!

Kindle 6”

High resolution display, good battery, low price and adjustable light make this reader one of the best. The display is big enough for seniors.

But forget about modern devices. Let’s talk about engraved gifts again (you won’t believe it, but we haven’t described all of them yet).

Special engraved fathers day gifts

Watches, zippo, mug. A classic men’s set, isn’t it?


We’ve talked about pocket watches, now it’s time for their wrist counterparts. Customized, of course.

High quality Japanese watch made of bamboo. The gift box is here, too.


We have included beer mugs in this list, and here are the coffee mugs for your dad. Great gift (especially together with a coffee maker).

Froolu Steel Cup

Choose between 20 and 30 oz mugs, among blue, black and red ones — maximum customization level!


And of course we’ve added Zippo lighters, too!

Street Chrome Zippo

Lifetime guarantee, high quality, stainless steel, very good texture. This Zippo lighter is exactly what your father needs if he is a smoker!

Ok, all these gifts are great, but what if your father says that he doesn’t want anything?

Father’s day gifts for the dad who has everything

We have a plan for that, too. Here are three gifts that will 100% surprise your father even he says that he has everything!

Potty golf

Well, that’s a joke. But… You can’t deny that even if your dad has everything, he still doesn’t have a toilet golf game. Check them out here.

SYZ Toilet Golf

Seriously, it’s very difficult to say something here. It’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen and if your father is a golf fan he will be delighted.


Bonsai is the best gift for those who love digging around the garden. And they are extremely beautiful, of course.

Bonsai Juniper Tree

It’s a small juniper tree. It’s beautiful, it’s easy to take care of it and it helps to relieve stress!

Drone with camera

Again, even if your dad has everything, is a cool drone included in this “anything” list? We bet it’s not!

Holy Stone HS110D

It’s a perfect gift for those who love photography. The HD camera allows to see the world, to make the photos and to shoot videos from bird’s eye!
And, well, it’s just cool. Big battery, mobile control, cool flight experience — there are no fathers who would stay indifferent to such a gift!

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