Uncle Sam Decorations from Scrap Wood

Jun 10, 2022 | 4th of July, Corner, DIY Crafts, DIY Holiday Crafts, DIY Projects

If you have some scrap wood around, you can make some Uncle Sam decorations for your porch or patio. This quick and easy craft kicks off patriotic Craft Lightning where we are going to share a week of 15-minute patriotic crafts that you don’t want to miss. We are starting with this wooden uncle sam decoration that will look great by your front door or even on top of your mantel.

Supplies to make an Uncle Sam outdoor decoration:

  • Scrap wood
  • Paint in red, white, blue, black, and a skin tone
  • Wood stars
  • Paintbrushes
  • Wood glue
  • Nails
Supplies needed to make uncle sam decorations

How to make a wooden Uncle Sam decoration:

Start with a large scrap board and cut a spare 1×1 or other small board to length. Glue or nail it on the front at an angle.

nailing together a wooden uncle sam decoration

Take some other small scrap pieces and trim them to be your eyebrows and nose. You can just glue these onto the “face” of your Uncle Sam yard decor. Feel free to draw on eyes with a pencil for positioning of your features before adding glue.

Adding a face to a wooden uncle sam outdoor decoration

Allow the glue to dry then paint your creation. Start with white and a skin tone. I painted everything white except for the nose, face, and hat brim. Be sure to use a paint that is rated for outdoor use if you will be using your Uncle Sam decorations outdoors. Don’t forget to paint your wood stars white as well.

Painting a wooden uncle sam
painting uncle sam yard decor

Use additional glue to add your stars to the wooden Uncle Sam decoration once the paint is completely dry.

Gluing stars onto an uncle sam hat

Once the paint and glue are dry, your Uncle Sam outdoor decoration is complete and ready for display! So easy and oh so cute!

patriotic decorative uncle sam made from wood perfect for a porch

Everyone could use a patriotic decorative Uncle Sam in their summer decor whether it is indoors or out.

Uncle Sam 4th of July Decor made from wood.

Those eyebrows and nose are what really make this one complete!

Face of a wooden uncle sam

Remember that this is a rustic decoration and a bit primitive so things like the stripes on your hat do not have to be perfect.

americana hat on a wooden uncle sam

Uncle Sam yard decor is a great way to use up any scrap wood you might have around your home and turn it into something completely useful. For me, that means adding this and my plywood American flag to my summer mantel.


Make Uncle Sam decorations with some scrap wood and these easy to follow instructions. A quick and easy craft for your summer patriotic decor! #summer #patriotic #scrapwood #unclesam
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