It is reported that 90% of us really don’t like to cook. That’s not surprising when it’s difficult to get motivated to cook when you arrive home from work and are extremely tired. Cooking from home can seem like a difficult chore. However, below are tips to inspire you to cook at home. From cooking ribs to how to make tzatziki sauce, these tips will inspire you to give home cooking a try.  

Do Not Compare

Don’t be comparing home cooked food with what you get in a restaurant. Home cooks are not chefs. Trying to be perfect or get the right look for your meal will be setting you up for failure. Looking at all those pictures on Instagram is also counter productive. Instead, you want a meal that you enjoy cooking, you enjoy eating, and which you appreciate. 

Choose Easy Recipes

If you are just beginning, choose recipes that are easy, don’t have too many ingredients, and not many steps. You could opt for one-pot recipes to start and see where you go from there. 

Use Resources

Search the internet for recipes, videos, and how-to guides to help you learn how to cook recipes. These step-by-step guides are a great resource that you can use and view as you go.  

Only Make What You Like

There is no point in making a dish that you don’t know if you will like it or not. Instead, start with recipes for dishes you do like and are craving. Understand your likes and dislikes and before long you will be able to adapt recipes to your liking.

Cook for Family & Friends

If you live alone then cook for family and friends to make the process more enjoyable. They will also give you feedback that will help you increase your skills. It is exciting cooking for family and friends, and a great way of getting sharing recipes. 


If you have family members who have traditionally cooked or baked, then ask for their tips as well as their recipes. Handing down recipes from one generation to another is a great way of keeping those traditions alive. It’s also a great way of keeping dishes alive too which may otherwise be forgotten.


Instead of going out all the time, make it a treat rather than the norm. Making cooking a meal the routine and go-to with the occasional eating out for special occasions or a treat at the weekend. This attitude will stand you in good stead and have you cooking on a regular basis.


Keep your pantry stocked well with ingredients for several recipes. It is also helpful if you sit down and plan your meals for the week before you go shopping to get your ingredients. This way you will not be tempted to eat out because you will have all the ingredients at hand. Preparation is key to ensuring you continue to cook healthy well-balanced meals. When you purchase your ingredients for cooking you know exactly what is in your meal.