So you’re planning a party!  FUN!  Our family loves to throw parties.  The more elaborate the better!  We like to celebrate every occasion we can think of with a party, and planning is half the fun; well usually.

Of course we first have to get the serious stuff out of the way, budget, guest list, and venue, before the fun part starts.  Once that’s settled we move on to our favorite part; deciding on the party theme!

I’ve been planning themed parties for years, back when my kids were young, when it wasn’t necessarily all the rage.  Well these days themed parties seem to be the thing, from bridal showers to birthday parties to weddings and even corporate events; everyone wants a theme!  (We’attended a 1920’s themed corporate event last fall!)

Don’t think themed parties are just for kids’ parties.  It’s so “in” that even my mom insisted on a theme for her 80th. birthday party last year!  (We did a 1950’s theme, it was a blast!)

Choosing a theme can be confusing, there’re so many cool ones out there! Consider the event, venue, and menu when deciding on your theme, then pick one, and get creative!

Now that your theme is decided you’ll start thinking of menus, cakes, activities, and decor; but don’t forget the first thing will see, the invitation.  Set the tone of your party with a Themed Party Invitation!

For informal events like a backyard barbecue or game night an email or text will work.  But it doesn’t have to be a plain one, take the time to create digital stationary for your event, it’ll be much more inviting!  But for most other events, specially weddings and other formal celebrations, a written invitation is a MUST!

Invitations tell guests important information such as event type, date, time, and address.  A Themed Party Invitation sets the stage and creates excitement.  Along with the standard information you’re giving your guests what to expect at your event, you can even make dress suggestions so guests can come dressed appropriately.  You don’t want guests showing up in a tux for a beach party!

By the way Themed Party Invitations shouldn’t break the bank!  You can print them up yourself or order them from Wedding Paper Divas or my Etsy shop Savvy Nana Crafts.  Here are a few Themed Party Invitations we’ve used for our parties!  (we’ve even shared a template to make your own!)

By the way click on the event and get more ideas for that theme!

Party InvitatonsJett’s Farmhouse 3rd. Birthday Party

Everyone loved these invitations, shredded paper “hay” was a great touch!

Click here to order this for your party![spacer height=”-20px”]





themed invitationLuau/Roast & Toast 40th. Birthday

A roast is a great idea for adult milestone birthdays!

And because this roast was also a luau guests came in colorful “Aloha” wear![spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]



80th invite1950’s Theme Invitation

This was the invitation to my mom’s 80th. birthday party.  It definitely did the job!  Guests showed up dressed in period costumes.  It was perfect![spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]







onederland inviteOneder-land Theme

I love this theme for first birthdas!  I was so happy my daughter-in-law, Sheena, chose it for her twins.  So if you’re looking for a baby’s first birthday theme try this one; you can only use it once!

Other variations of the theme for all ages are:


Winter Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland



Ticket Style Invitations for a Thomas the Train Party & Planes Party
Train ticketplanes invite

We really loved ticket style invitations that’s why we used it twice!

You can use ticket style invitations for sports themed parties too!








Super Hero inviteSuperhero Party

Everyone loves superheroes, work a theme around your favorite!  Devon’s has always been Captain America, but Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are just as cool!

Let us help you design your theme invitation! Click here!

We can design it and send you a finalized jpg file to print on your own or you can choose to have us do all the work and just send you the finished product!




Bowling party invitBowling Party 

This was an easy party!  Just invite guests to the local bowling alley and you’re pretty much done.  The alley’s snack bar provides the food and let everyone bowl a game or two.  The only thing you’ll have to bring is the cake!

Click here for instructions to DIY this invitation and the free template!





party invitationsFootball Party

Next month we’re hosting a Football Themed party for Devon’s 9th. birthday at our neighborhood park.  Check back for more party ideas posting soon!

This theme and invitations work great for Game Night get togethers and Super Bowl Parties too!



Whatever your theme I’m sure you can create the perfect invitation.  Whether it’s a digital, printed, or handmade invitation it will set the stage and build excitement for your special event.  You’re guests will look forward to your party!