Summer Seashell Frames – Free Template

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Summer Seashell FrameSummer is winding down and many of us will be getting the kids ready for school soon.  It’s been a great summer filled with fun, surf, sun, and sand.  I’m sure we wall want to remember this summer and what better way than these Summer Seashell Frames!

These frames are a great way to use those little seashells  the kids gathered from the beach this summer or that basket of shells you picked up at the souvenir shop.

summer seashell framesIf you don’t have any seashells, no worries, you can pick some up for a few dollars at the craft store.  To make the frames extra special you can stencil on “Summer 2016” or the first line of the children’s rhyme “She sells seashells…”

I’m sharing both stencils with you here!

Best of all these cute little Summer Seashell Frames are so easy and inexpensive to make.  I used wooden craft frames I got at Walmart for $1.11 each!  I painted the frames with craft paint I had on hand.

I wanted the frames to have a weathered look so I used a black chalkboard paint base.  I painted on a second coat in a different color then lightly wiped it with a kitchen scouring pad once it was dry.

If you don’t have any craft paint you can find them in many colors at Walmart for .57¢ a bottle.  So for under $3 you can make your own Summer Seashell Frame!

Here’s how to do it!


summer seashell framesWood craft frames

Black chalkboard paint

2 colors craft paint

Paint Brush

Green Kitchen scouring pad

Stencil Brush

Stencil – click here for free templates


Starfish (optional)


Clear Sealer

Paper Towels


Summer Seashell FrameApply one coat of black chalkboard paint.  Remember to paint around the inner and outer edges, the back, and the little peg that holds up the frame. Allow to dry completely. [spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

summer seashell framesApply one coat of colored paint – your color choice.

Allow to dry completely.

Lightly rub scouring pad on the surface to give it the distressed look.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Download and save stencil template on to your desktop.

If you are using a cutting machine upload the template to your machine’s app and resize it if needed then cut out stencil.

If you will manually cutting out the stencil download and save template to your desktop.

If you need to resize the template upload it to a photo editor like Photoshop or a free online photo editor.  Resize the template, print out, then cut out the stencil with a craft knife.

summer seashell framesPosition stencil where you want it on the distressed side of the frame.

Using a contrasting color fill in the letters starting at the edge of the stencil and working in towards the center to avoid paint seeping under the stencil.

When all the letters have been stenciled in lift stencil off.  Lift straight up to avoid smudging.  Let dry.

Arrange shells and starfish where you want them.

Let dry.

Spray the frame with clear sealer.

Let dry at least overnight.

Add your favorite summer photo and you’re done!

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