When we lose a relative or cherished love one, times can be very hard indeed. Processing this event and new reality is difficult enough, let alone the organizational tasks that come along with that process. Suitably respecting the memory of our loved ones, then, is important for us to do, not only to send a gesture of love that echos out from us, but in order to help us begin the grieving process at our own time.

But how can we achieve this? After all, it’s not always the case that our loved ones leave us step by step instructions regarding how to proceed, or what to think. The foremost important lesson to understand is that there are no real ‘should’ considerations here. Giving yourself the room to understand this at your own pace can help you avoid bullying yourself due to suspended emotions, or perhaps you need time to yourself after all the measures have been taken to allow yourself that space.

In this small post, we’ll discuss a few tidbits of advice to suitably respect the memory of your own loved ones:

A Proper, Respectful Send-Off

It’s not only an essential milestone and a loving gesture to send someone off in the right way, but it’s a means of finding closure for everyone involved. Beautiful burial services that take into account the wishes of your loved one can ensure you feel as though their final moments have been respected, and that both they and you can stay at peace. Just having the time to congregate with your family and truly understand the importance of such an event will have far-reaching positive emotional implications, and helps you act in the most responsible, respectful manner, showing your love to the end.

A Heartfelt, Substantive Gesture

We can also show our support outside of a funeral or a beautiful memorial. Some people choose to use the loss of a loved one as a catalyst to do something wonderful, such as donating to a charity relevant to the person in question, or fundraising through another means, such as accepting donations for a half-marathon run. Some find that this kind of volunteering work helps them process their grief while also doing some real good in the name of the person they have lost.

A Preservation Of Their Memory

Preserving the memory of your loved one can be a wonderful thing to do. This might be simple, such as creating an engraving of their name, ensuring their photographs are properly preserved and backed up, placed in beautiful frames and displayed can also be a wonderful addition. In some cases, you may wish to make an additional gesture, such as registering a star in their name. Whatever helps you never forget that person and making sure you keep your dates of visitation to their site of rest can be a great boon, as can telling your children all about them so their memory persists.

With this advice, we believe you’ll be able to suitably respect the memory of your loved one, and perhaps provide your own closure as a result.