Valentine's day stickers

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate Love and Happiness. Here are some easy DIY ideas with free Valentine’s Day stickers to surprise your Valentine.

Lovely Planner

We all know that one person that writes down their plans, ideas, and goals. Why not surprise them with a customized planner? You’ll need a notebook, some decorative paper or some washi tapes, ribbons, and maybe even glitter. Let your creative juices glow. And don’t forget to print the stickers and apply one on the notebook, or inside of it with the inscription.

Adorable Coasters

They are easy to make, yet very useful. You just need to take some cork, cut it in wanted shape, print some Valentine’s Day stickers on regular or self-adhesive paper and apply them on the cut cork. You can use the coaster to decorate your house for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Card

There’s no doubt that Valentine’s Day cards are adorable, and so easy to make. Take some paper, fold it, and apply the printed stickers on the paper. Write a personal message to warm up the heart of your Valentine. This craft is easy to make, and can be a perfect crafty activity for kids to encourage their creativity.

Download these stickers, and start preparing for the holiday of Love!