Some Seasonal Favorites for Fall

Nov 1, 2022 | Recipes

Welcome to the fall when the leave is brown and lovely, and there is the smell of pumpkin in the air. Fall is a time of color, crispy air, and full flavors, but you need to know where to look for the best recipes and foods. Read on for some essential fall favorites and some convenient recipes. 

Pumpkin Spice Latte 

Whether you buy them from the local coffeehouse or you make them in your home, the fall season isn’t the same without a pumpkin spice latte. These seasonal favorites are made using some shots of espresso and warm milk topped off with whipped cream and some cinnamon. 

Of course, it’s pretty easy to make a pumpkin spice latte in your home, and a lot cheaper as well. Over the years, these seasonal drinks have crept up in price, and it makes more and more sense to save the money. Still, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while.  

Pumpkin Soup

Even when you live in a warm climate, there is something nourishing and right about eating a bowl of pumpkin soup in the fall. Pumpkin soup is a flavorsome starter or lunch favorite; it’s best to make pumpkin soup with fresh pumpkins and to eat it with warm crusty bread from the oven. 

Pumpkin soup is also very easy to make. Ensure you have some fresh cooking pumpkins to work with – carving pumpkins don’t have enough pumpkin meat inside them. Before putting the pumpkin in the blender, saute it in a pan with some ginger, coconut milk, and chili powder. 

Hasselback Potatoes 

If you love potato chips, you are going to love the healthier alternative – Hasselback potatoes. Hasselback potatoes are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside; they make an excellent dish for the family as a starter or in a spread on a special occasion. They are easy to make. 

If you want to know more about Hasselback potatoes or learn how to make them for your family, here’s a great hasselback potatoes recipe that you can use. Hasselback potatoes originated in Sweden; they are crispy, flavorsome, and super seasonal; don’t miss them out this fall season.

Roasted Vegetables 

On the topic of seasonal vegetables, one firm favorite of the season has to be roasted vegetables. Walk into any supermarket these days, and you will be surprised or offended by the prices on the shelves, but not when it comes to the vegetable aisle; they are always reasonable. 

Roasted vegetables make an excellent dish for any time of the day; they are easy to make, affordable, seasonal, and super versatile. If you want to make roasted vegetables more interesting, why not cover them in salt before roasting them and serve them with hummus? 

Final Thoughts 

Fall is one of the in-between seasons; maybe it’s called fall because it falls between the summer and winter. Although it’s short, it is bursting with color and flavor. Make the most of your fall season with the awesome foods and recipes on the list, and keep them in mind for the future.

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