Smooth Sweet Tea

May 9, 2023 | Beverages, Recipes

Prep Time:    5 mins     Additional Time: 3 hrs 15 mins     Total Time: 3 hrs 20 mins     Servings: 8     Yield: 8 cups


A traditional Southern beverage, this sweet tea is ideal for hot summer days!



1 pinch baking soda

2 cups boiling water

6 tea bags

¾ cup white sugar

6 cups cool water



Sprinkle a pinch of baking soda into a 64-ounce, heat-proof glass pitcher. Pour in boiling water and add tea bags. Cover and allow to steep for 15 minutes.

Remove tea bags and discard; stir in sugar until dissolved. Pour in cool water; refrigerate until cold, about 3 hours.

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