Sinulog Festival – Viva Pit Senyor in Cebu

Jan 11, 2023 | Philippines, Travel

The Sinulog Festival is held every year in Cebu. Its name means “VIVA PIT SENYOR” in its native language, which means “Celebrate the Pit Senyor.” Features music from prominent artists and contingents from all over the Philippines.

It’s clear why the Sinulog Festival is significant to Sto. Niño; they celebrate it every third Sunday of January. Jesus’ words are a proclamation of humility that bestow fatherhood status upon those who accept them. These words are way of affirming faith in a supreme creator.

These phrases convey a meaningful prayer with a short length. People at the fiesta are invited to join the church through prayer by participating in singing and dancing. These phrases aren’t meant to be viewed as a show; instead, it’s an invitation to commune with fellow believers.

The literal translation of the phrase “VIVA SEÑOR SANTO NIÑO!” is “Hail, Lord Holy Child!” Jesus is referred to by this phrase. On the other hand, the interpretative translation of the phrase is “VIVA PIT SENYOR!” which means “Hail, Lord, listen to us!” When we shout words we don’t realize are Spanish, we give thanks to the Spanish missionaries who introduced us to Jesus Christ. Non-Cebuanos embrace the phrases they create because Christ is their Lord and King. As such, she or he can be praised even in a child form.

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