Savvy Nana’s Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

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Every year Thanksgiving Dinner is at my house.  My family expects everything to be the same year after year, it’s tradition!  By now I have this whole meal down pat; the menu, shopping list, and  recipes are etched in my brain.


Each year I add a couple of new items to my menu, usually appetizers and desserts.  I figure as long as I don’t mess with the classic menu items my family won’t rebel.  This year I’m trying out 3 appetizers and 2 desserts, maybe some of them will make return appearances next year.

Even tho I can prepare this holiday meal in my sleep I still plan the meal as I would any other event I host.  The key to a successful event is planning, in my world this means lists.  I make a menu, a shopping list, and a timeline.  This helps me budget my time and helps keep the holidays stress free.

Here is this year’s Thanksgiving menu.  Links to recipes are also given.  Click here for printable menu!



Spinach & Artichoke Bites.  So easy to make!

Recipe click here!

Awesome Shrimp Scampi Cheese Dip w/ Crostini

Recipe click here!

Roasted Red Pepper Eggs

 Main Course & Sides
Roast Turkey w/ Simple Bread Stuffing
Learn how to roast turkey using large brown grocery bags.
Garlic Mashed Potato w/Gravy
Baby Carrots Glace
Potato Macaroni Salad
Candied Yams

Homemade Cinnamon Applesauce

Click here!

Garlic Bread


Upside Down Banana Foster Cake
Once I have my menu I can compile my shopping list with all the ingredients I will need for the menu items.  I check off items I already have in my pantry and buy the rest.
For printable shopping list click here!
I also take the time to jot down a timeline.  This keeps me on track and makes the holiday stress free.  This year I’m using a Fall cleaning schedule I found on line.
For printable timeline click here!
For printable Fall cleaning schedule click here!
Planning Thanksgiving Dinner helps take the stress out of the event and allows me to enjoy my family and other guests on Thanksgiving day.  Don’t forget to schedule some “me” time during this busy week;  you’ll need a bit of R&R.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
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