Santa Handprint Craft

Dec 7, 2020 | Christmas, Corner, DIY Crafts, DIY Holiday Crafts

One of our favorite things about Christmas is all of the fun and festivities leading up to the day. We are so excited to share so many great craft ideas you can do with your kids this year! And these Santa handprint cards are one of our favorite!  Not only is this Christmas handprint card fun for the kids to do but it will also make an adorable keepsake too. And for an adorable handprint ornament idea see these salt dough handprint ornaments – our most popular Christmas craft!



Here are the supplies you’ll need to make this Santa Handprint

– White cardstock (sturdier than paper to make it a card)

– Paint for Santa’s face – we used this color

– Googly eyes

– Small red pom pom

– Cotton Balls

– Glue – we used this glue to glue on the pom poms which can sometimes be tricky to stay on with regular glue

– Red and white felt


Steps to Make the Santa Handprint Craft

1. First fold your white cardstock in half and trace your hand so that the wrist is on the folded part.

Handprint Craft for Christmas

Christmas Santa Handprint Card

3.  Now paint the middle of the Santa handprint for the face.

4.  Trace the top of your hand on your red felt to get the size for the hat. Glue the felt to the top of the handprint. You’ll want to cut the red felt top rounded so it looks more like a hat.

Cut out some white felt for the brim of Santa’s hat and glue on top of the red felt.

Santa Claus Handprint

5. Glue on your small googly eyes and pom pom for the nose.

Santa Craft

Santa Christmas craft for Kids

And then glue to the fingers and the brim of Santa’s hat:

7. Now write your Christmas message inside! You can even create or write a poem to go inside the card too.

Santa Handprint Card Craft


Looking for more fun Christmas crafts? 

These popsicle stick snowflake ornaments are so easy to make! This is the perfect activity for kids to make their own ornament.

These salt dough handprint ornaments make the perfect keepsake or gift idea!

For another fun Christmas handprint craft idea – make this handprint Christmas tree. Perfect to put on display for Christmas or use as a Christmas centerpiece!

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