This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Elmer’s. As always, all opinions are my own. We hope you and your kids enjoy counting down to Christmas in December after making this adorable Santa Beard Christmas Countdown Craft.

Do your kids love counting down the days till Christmas during the month of December? This Santa beard Christmas countdown craft made from a paper plate, cardstock, cotton balls, paper chains and Elmer’s Glue is perfect for keeping kids excited about Christmas all month long.

Simply cut off one link of the paper chain every day with scissors and when you reach the end of Santa’s beard it’s Christmas day.




– paper plate
– peach paint
– paintbrush
– red and white cardstock
– white copy paper
– cotton balls
– stapler
– scissors
– googly eyes
– red circle sticker (optional)
– Elmer’s School Glue Sticks
– Elmer’s School Glue





1. Start by painting the inside circle of your paper plate with your peach paint. Set the paper plate aside to allow the paint to dry.

2. Lay out your red cardstock horizontally and cut it so you have one piece 4-inches wide and one piece 7-inches wide. The 4-inch piece will be used for the Santa shirt. Cut a triangle out of the 7-inch piece for the Santa hat.


3. Cut off a small strip along the top of your paper plate to make a straight edge.

4. Cut out 25 white strips from your copy paper, each about 1-inch by 7 ½-inches. Loop six of the strips around the bottom of the paper plate and staple them in place to start making the Santa beard. Now use your Elmer’s Glue Stick to glue on the remaining 19 pieces. Add some glue to the end of each strip, pull it through one of the existing paper circles and glue the strip shut to make another circle in the paper chain.

To make the Santa beard paper chain shape, connect the paper strips as follows:

Row 1- 2
Row 2- 4
Row 3- 6
Row 4- 6
Row 5- 4
Row 6- 2
Use the last paper strip to connect the bottom two circles on the 3rd and 4th row together.


5. Use your stapler to attach your red rectangle Santa shirt to your paper plate underneath your Santa beard. Then use your glue stick to glue the triangle hat at the top of your Santa face. Fold the top of your Santa hat down and use some school glue to glue a cotton ball on the end of the hat.

6. Squeeze a line of Elmer’s School Glue along the top of your paper plate at the base of the Santa hat. Place a line of cotton balls along the glue line. Squeeze another line of school glue along the bottom of your paper plate over your staples and place another line of cotton balls along the glue line.

7. Cut out a circle from your white cardstock to use for the mustache and then cut that circle in half. Glue the circle halves in the middle of your Santa face as a mustache. Finish your Santa Beard Countdown Craft by gluing on googly eyes and placing your red circle sticker in the middle of your mustache.

Tape your Santa up on a wall or attach a string to it and hang it up somewhere you will see every day in your home. Starting December 1st and every day after, use scissors to cut off one of the paper chains from the Santa beard. When you are finished cutting off the last paper chain strip, it’s Christmas Day!

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