Before the school year ended, we decided to use some ribbons on canvas to make this fun weaving art project. We used ribbons leftover from our egg baskets, so the weaving has a spring-like feel to it.



White canvas
Glue gun



Use the glue gun to secure the base ribbons to the canvas. Be sure just to glue the ribbons at both ends, and to the back of the canvas (I glued them along the 8-inch sides of the canvas, with some help from the kids). Be sure there is a little give with the ribbons so the kiddos can weave. Obviously, don’t let the ribbons be too loose either. Leave about a half-inch space between each of the base ribbons.

Weaving art with kids on a canvas - what a great way to work on fine motor skills while creating art

Next it’s time to add the ribbons that will be used to weave. Glue them to the opposite side of the base ribbons (I glued them along the 12-inch side of the canvas, again with some help). There’s no need to keep space between these ribbons, so just glue them side-by-side.

Little fingers get some fine motor work outs with this weaving art project

Let the kids begin weaving once the glue is dry. If needed, remind them that it’s like a pattern – over, under, over, under, etc. Keep encouraging them as they weave all of the ribbons along the canvas.

Love the colors and textures on this weaving art project with kids

Once all of the ribbons are woven, glue the edges down. Be sure the ribbons are pulled securely, but not overly tight. Then it’s just a matter of deciding where to hang the colorful weaving art!

Have your kids/students ever created weaving art?