All good things come to an end. We have reached our third and final recipe of our Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trio. Fortunately, we saved the best (at least thematically) for last. Everyone knows that starfighters/vehicles are one of the coolest aspects of the Star Wars Universe. So, for our last recipe, we went all out and created our TIE Striker Appetizers.

The TIE Striker is a streamlined variant of the classic TIE fighter design. It is designed for atmospheric patrols over important Imperial ground-based installations. In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story the TIE Strikers are mainly seen patrolling in the clouds along the beaches of Scarif. Since this particular starfighter was unique to Rogue One, we felt it was due a tribute.

When designing the look of this recipe, we really wanted the appetizers to be mostly visual. Meaning, when you look at them they look like TIE Strikers. We went through a few ideas on how to achieve this but settled on wonton wrappers and Lil Smokies. The result is a sausage and cracker flavor. Even though we used mustard for the detail work, you really could use any condiment like bbq sauce or ketchup.

As we mentioned earlier in the post, this is our last recipe in our Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trio of recipes. Don’t worry if you missed one as we will be re-sharing them in a recipe round-up on Tuesday along with a review of the Blu-ray!

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  • 48 Wonton Wrappers
  • 24 Lil Smokies
  • Yellow Mustard (or another condiment to garnish)


    • Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
    • Cut wonton wrappers using the diagram as a model.


  • Each TIE Striker will be made with 2 of the wrappers.
  • On your foil lined baking sheet, place a wrapper, lightly moisten it with water (not too much) and top it with a seconder wrapper.
  • Place a Lil Smokie on the double layered wrapper and using the scraps from Step One of the wrapper cuts create a “seat belt” for your Lil Smokie.
  • Make sure to moisten the ends of “seat belt” so it will attach.
  • Cook TIE Strikers for 5-7 minutes or until golden brown.
  • Decorate with condiment of choice. We used a ziploc with the tip cut off to line the TIE Striker.
  • Serve.



TIE Striker Appetizers
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TIE Striker Appetizers
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