This is for all dog lovers out there that really want their pups to enjoy frozen treats, these Recipe treats are 100% natural, affordable and refreshing for your lovely pups! 100% made from fruits and coconut juice that help boosts your cuties immune system. Perfect for summer seasons!

Besides that your pup’s gonna love these treats and you will enjoy making them!

These are the 9 Round-ups of Frozen Dog Treats! Enjoy!!!

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Cranberry Pupcicles

Cranberries are good for your pet’s urinary tract and yogurt is a good source of calcium.








DIY Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats

These treats will not only add some weight, hopefully, but also keep them hydrated, especially after daily walks.




Frozen Dog Treats

This is cool awesome and a fun way to make dog treats a twist. You should try this for your cuties.







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Frozen Coconut Water Dog Treats

This is also super cool and good for your dogs.




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DIY Doggie Icy Pops

They are so simple to make, they not only keep them cool, they keep them busy for almost an hour!


DIY Berries & Apples Frozen Doggie Treat

The treats are so easy to make the kids can make them. And your baby pups gonna love it!




Frozen Cranberry Mint Cocktail Doggie Pops

Cranberries are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, and C, and are filled with minerals and antioxidants; all very good for your pet’s overall health and promotes urinary tract health.





Frozen Mango Yogurt Doggie Pops

Frozen Mango Yogurt Doggie Pops








DIY Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Dog Treats

For my first foray into the frozen dog treat world, I used ingredients I already had in my fridge, in this case, leftover Greek yogurt from my chicken souvlaki marinade I made for last Sunday’s barbecue night and fresh blueberries left over from my fruit-filled ice pops and Red, White & Blueberry Popsicles.

9 Round-Ups of Frozen Dog Treats
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9 Round-Ups of Frozen Dog Treats
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