This fun appetizer will surprise your Halloween party guests. A few simple ingredients make this delicious snack a terrible simple addition to your party table.



  • 24 mini cheese rounds
  • 24 green olive slices
  • 8 black olives
  • red gel food color
  • chopstick or skewer
  • small paintbrush


1: Remove the wax casing from the cheeses. Use a paring knife to carefully cut a divot in the center of the cheese that’s approximately the size of a green olive slice
2: Press a green olive slice into the divot firmly, being careful not to damage the olive slice

4: Dip a small paintbrush into the red gel food coloring and paint squiggly lines from the olives outward to give the eyes a bloodshot effect. Six to eight lines per eyeball will provide the best look. 

5: Keep cold until ready to serve. Serve alongside fresh veggies and your favorite crackers or pita bread for a healthy Halloween party snack. 

Halloween Party Appetizer: Cheesy Eyeballs
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Halloween Party Appetizer: Cheesy Eyeballs
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