Fish Fillet with Sweet and Sour Sauce (Filipino Style)
  1. For the fish:
  2. Wash and clean the fish, remove the skin and separate the flesh from the fish bones and cut the fillet into 1 inch crosswise.
  3. Rub the fillet with lemon juice, a touch salt and pepper.
  4. Then dip in beaten eggs, add a touch of salt and roll in bread crumbs.
  5. Deep fry over medium heat until golden brown and set aside.
  6. For the Sweet and Sour Sauce:
  7. Mix thoroughly the cornstarch and sugar in ¼ cup water in a saucepan over low heat.
  8. Add in green bell pepper, garlic, onion, tomato (optional), cucumber (optional), pineapple juice, soy sauce, vinegar and butter.
  9. Turn the stove over medium heat, stir constantly until the mixture starts to boil.
  10. Cook for about 2-3 mins. or more until the sauce thickens then pour over fried fish fillets.
  11. Serve while it’s hot,
  12. Share and Enjoy!!!