Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats

A recent routine visit to the vet resulted in finding out that our year old Siberian Husky, Cannoli, is 2-3 pounds underweight.  I was surprised!  The vet assured me that it wasn’t a big deal and that a daily dose of vitamins should make her pick up some weight; that and perhaps getting her to eat a little more dog food or even switching brands.

I feed all my pets grain free dry Merrick pet food, I’ve been told it’s very good.  I also make pets healthy homemade treats and give them safe fruits and veggies.  I’ve never had an underweight pet.

Before our recent pet exam I’d been concerned that Cannoli looked a little thin whenever I bathed her. It’s hard to tell what’s under all that fur unless she’s wet.  I decided she needed to gain a bit of weight and kept her on puppy food for a while longer, puppy chow is higher in calories than adult food.  I also added a bit more food to her bowl every feeding.  She didn’t really eat the extra dog food, but did love her treats.

I called her breeder who advised me to add a third feeding and consider adding some wet dog food to the dry.  He also suggested more yogurt, that’s what he gives his pooches when he wants to add weight before they show.

I wasn’t to crazy about adding wet food to the dry, but I did start adding low sodium chicken and beef broth to make it more appetizing.  She loves it!  As for the yogurt, it’s still been pretty hot here so I thought I’d make the yogurt into frozen treats, she does love her treats.

I came up with these super easy frozen treats containing her two most favorite ingredients, yogurt and coconut water.  These treats will not only add some weight, hopefully, but also keep her hydrated, specially after our daily 3 mile walks.  Hydration for a Husky in warm climates has always been one of my concerns.  She just loves these treats!

Here’s what you need to make them:

1 large container Plain Greek Yogurt
Pure Coconut water
Freezer Molds – I use styrofoam cups, I find it easy to store them in the cups and peel them away when I’m going to give them to her.  But you can use ice cube trays, popsicle molds, and other freezer safe containers.

1.  Scoop the desired amount of yogurt into the mold.

2.  Pour coconut water on top of the yogurt to cover it.

3.  Freeze at least 6 hours.

DIY Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats
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DIY Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats
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  1. Scoop the desired amount of yogurt into the mold.
  2. Pour coconut water on top of the yogurt to cover it.
  3. Freeze at least 6 hours.
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