Dutch babySunday is Father’s Day.  Why night surprise dad with this yummy Banana Foster Dutch Baby?

You can serve it for breakfast or brunch or even as dessert after lunch or dinnerr.  It’s absolutely wonderful.  It’s creamy and rich caramel sauce, homemade of course, goes lovely with fresh bananas sliced over a yummy dutch baby pancake.

But first you might ask what exactly is a Dutch Baby.  Well it’s basically a German Pancake; it’s a cross between a crepe and a popover.  Traditionally German Pancakes are small round flat cakes but the American version somehow ended up being a large round pouffy cake best made in a cast iron skillet.


My Banana Foster Dutch Baby uses the basic recipe I use for the Dutch Baby with Lemon Curd and Blueberries.  I just use different toppings.  Click here for that recipe.

While you’re making the Dutch Babies in the oven you can make my simple homemade caramel sauce, or you can make the sauce earlier.  I always keep a jar in the fridge because the sauce is yummy on just about everything including ice cream, cakes, and fruit.  It’s great for dipping too!

Anyway once your Dutch Babies are done top it with sliced bananas drizzled with caramel sauce, then top it all off with whipped cream! You can’t possible go wrong!

Banana Foster Dutch Baby


Dutch Baby or Mini Dutch Babies – Click here for the basic recipe

2 – 3 Bananas, sliced

Caramel Sauce – scroll down for the recipe

Whipped cream


Make one large or 2 mini Dutch Babies according to the recipe

Make a batch of caramel sauce

Top with sliced bananas

Drizzle with caramel sauce

Top with whipped cream

Homemade Caramel Sauce
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Homemade Caramel Sauce
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  1. In a heavy sauce pan combine all ingredients except Vanilla Extract and stir over medium high heat
  2. Bring to a boil
  3. Cook for another 10 minutes or until it thickens - stir constantly
  4. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla extract
  5. Serve warm or store in a container in the refrigerator.
Recipe Notes

Refrigerated sauce may become too thick.  Heat in microwave for 30-60 seconds or until it loosens up enough to use.

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