Quick and Easy Easter Craft Hacks

Mar 20, 2023 | DIY Crafts, DIY Holiday Crafts, DIY Projects, Easter

The creative opportunities for Easter are limitless, and you’re not alone if the thought of creating a creative masterpiece fills you with dread. Other creative possibilities include Easter baskets, bunnies, sweet chicks, and colorful eggs.

“Such a large number of parents inform me that they frequently avoid arts and crafts due to the additional work and mess involved. The good news is that you don’t need a PhD in glitter technology to spend Easter crafting with your kids and have some fun doing it, says Shannon Wong-Nizic, owner of Oh Creative Day and an expert in crafts.


Here are Shannon’s Top Five Hacks for Quick and Easy Easter Craft for Kids

1. Keep it contained – have a place to store things like glue, scissors, and paper. Pens can be prevented from rolling away and frustrating young artists by being contained in a caddy or container. Creating with a plastic tray is also a good idea because it gives your child a clear area to work in and is easy to take out of the workspace when it needs to be cleaned.

2. Keep it low-mess – Providing low-mess materials is the key to creating low-mess craft activities. Find alternatives to the materials that might make a mess or cause you stress. Craft glue, for instance, can be messy. Perhaps use sticky dots from Sellotape instead? Peeling the sticky dots off the backing sheet necessitates a lot of practice with the fingers and toes!

3. Keep it simple – Organizing Easter crafts for children is pointless if they cause you stress and add more work. Don’t make things too complicated; just use simple materials. Stamps from Frixion are a great option. They come in a plethora of colors and each have a small design reminiscent of an emoji. They are the ideal size for little hands and are a simple way to add vibrant details to craft projects.

4. Keep it colourful – Numerous parents complain that their children frequently create brown or khaki green masterpieces. Talking to your mini-creative first about color options is one way to avoid this. Limiting a color palette to three colors that complement one another can sometimes be helpful.

5. Keep it fun – introducing new material and inviting your child to create with it can lead to all kinds of wonderful possibilities. There is no right or wrong way to create! If they have a novelty factor, then even better – paint markers such as Pintor are a perfect way for children to have mess-free fun with paints that don’t involve much prep beforehand or clean up afterwards.  Compasses are a great way for children to explore mathematical concepts whilst creating in a fun and open-ended way.



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