Pool Noodle Boats

Jul 22, 2022 | DIY Crafts, DIY Projects

These pool noodle boats are such a fun way to make a DIY water toy that kids will love. All you need is a pool noodle and a few other supplies to make these adorable boats!

Pool Noodle Boats – A Fun Summer Craft!

Pool noodles cut easily with a serrated knife, so you can make a whole bunch of boats from just one noodle! Have an adult cut the noodle up and then kids can help decorate it with a sail, straw and flag.

If you have old pool noodles starting to rip in one spot – this is also a great craft to recycle those old pool noodles into something new!

Then grab some water toys and animals or small figurines to ride on your finished boats!

Supplies Needed To Make Pool Noodle Boats

  • Pool Noodle
  • Colored foam sheets
  • Paper Straws – we like these colorful ones
  • Colored washi tape
  • Scissors

Steps To Make A Pool Noodle Boat

1. Using a serrated knife, have an adult cut the pool noodle into pieces that are about 3 inches thick.

Adult Cut the Pool Noodle

2. Cut foam sheets into the shape of a sail.

Foam Sheets for Boats
Cut Foam Sheets into Sails


3. Using scissors, make 1/2 inch slits in the top and bottom of the sail.

Cut Slit into Foam Sail

4. Thread a straw through the foam sheet.

Add Straw Into Boat Sail
Pool Noodle Sails

5. Add washi tape to the top of the straw.

Add Washi Tape to Straw


6. Cut a triangle piece out of the end of the washi tape.


Cut Washi Tape into Flag

7. Push the straw into the pool noodle. You may need to make a small hole in the noodle with scissors to help attach the straw.

Push Straw into Pool Noodle

Now your pool noodle boat is ready to float! Grab a clear bin and fill it with some water and watch them sail away.

Play with them in the pool or even the bath tub. This would also be a fun craft for a summer birthday party!


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