I love Pasta!  The only thing I really wanted last Christmas was a Philips Pasta Maker.  I had seen it advertised on a flyer I’d gotten from one of the local stores.  I had never heard of it, but I wanted one!   Thankfully my son and his wife heard my wish.  With all that went on after the holidays it took me a while to unpack it.  I finally got around to opening the large box it came in and promptly fell in love.  Me and the pasta maker were a match made in noodle heaven!

I had been toying with a pasta maker for a while and even went so far as shopping around for one.  The ones I’d seen are the manually cranked makers that you put the dough in, crank the machine, and pasta is extruded sort of like a meat grinder.  To use those makers you still had to make the dough, something I’m not too found of.

The Philip Pasta Maker is an electric machine that kneads the dough and shapes it into pasta. You dump the ingredients in, press a button, and fresh pasta is extruded in 10 – 15 minutes depending on how much pasta you’re making.  The only think it doesn’t do is boil the pasta for you.

I made my first batch of pasta and was amazed at how fast it made fresh pasta.  From start to finish it took less than a half an hour, and that included clean up!  That was faster than running out to the store to buy the refrigerated pasta from the store.  Here’s my machine and a few tips on using it!

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Philips Pasta MakerThis is the machine.  When you remove it from the box it’s fitted with one of the shaping discs.  I took it off when I washed and dried the machine.[spacer height=”-100px” id=”8″]







Philips Pasta MakerIt comes with 4 shaping discs, a cutter/cleaner, and 2 disc specific cleaners. Included discs are for making fettuccini, spaghetti, penne, and lasagne/dumpling. You can use the cutter/cleaner to clean the lasagne and penne discs, but the fettuccini and spaghetti discs each come with their own cleaner.  The disc cleaners are brown clear pieces that have plastic “spikes” on them, they fit over the disc they clean so that they can push out pasta that may have gotten caught in the holes.

It also comes with 2 cups, one for dry ingredients and the other for liquids.[spacer height=”-100px” id=”8″]





Philips Pasta MakerThere’s a drawer located at the bottom of the maker to store the discs and cleaners.  I love the drawer, it keeps the attachments in one place where I can easily find them. [spacer height=”-100px” id=”8″]





The maker also comes with a recipe book for making several different types of pasta.  But basically all you need is flour and water.  All the other recipes are different variations.

You can use all purpose flour, but they recommend using a mixture of all purpose flour and semolina. This gives your pasta more substance.  If you don’t have any semolina you can add an egg to the liquid to add substance to your dough.

It’s very important that you use the measuring cup it comes with.  The cups are slightly larger than a regular measuring cup.  If you use your own measuring cup your pasta may not turn out right; you may have too much liquid and not enough dry.  This results in a wet sticky mess, cleaning the machine can be difficult after this mistake.

Don’t think you’re limited to just making spaghetti or other Italian pasta, this machine can make most any kind of noodle including ramen and soba noodle.

You can buy other discs for the machine:  Angel Hair and Pappardelle Pasta Disc Kit and Thick Spaghetti and Tagliatelle Pasta Disc Kit.

You can freeze or dry the pasta you make if you’re not going to use it right away.

If you’re going to freeze the pasta lightly dust it with flour so it doesn’t stick together.

To dry pasta you will need to hang it on a pasta drying rack and following those instructions.

I love my new machine.  It’s so easy to use and you can make all sorts of  pasta and noodles.  But if you think it will save you money, I’m not so sure.  The cost of the machine is about $300.  If you make a ton of pasta then it will be worth it in the long run I guess.  I didn’t want it to save money, I just like fresh pasta!

If you’re looking for a new pasta recipe check out my Steak & Pasta dish that I make using rib eye steaks left over from our Sunday barbecues!

Here’s a short video I made when I made a batch of fettuccini.

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