Octopus Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern

Jun 18, 2018 | Corner, DIY Crafts, FREE Patterns | 0 comments

My youngest daughter is due to have her second baby this summer.  This means I’ve got to get busy making baby stuff.  Of course my daughter sent me a list of crochet projects ranging from baby blankets, swaddles, booties, and stuffed toys.   I thought I’d begin with the cute Octopus Amigurumi.

First of all  Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed yarn critters.  While the art has been known in Japan for decades it only becameoctopus amigurumi popular in the West recently in 2003.  In recent years thanks to online craft market places like Etsy, Ravelry, and Pinterest it has become very popular.

I used the free pattern designed by Dorteja the designer behind Croby Patterns.  I experimented with her original pattern by using different size hooks and also added a few rows to make different size ocotpus amigurumi.

Her Octopus Amigurumi are pretty simple to make, her pattern very easy to follow.  In fact the pattern is down right addictive!


octopus amigurumiI ended up making several octopus amigurumi.

For the 3 small octopus amigurumi pictured here, the pink, yellow, and blue I used a smaller hook than the pattern required and #3 weight yarn.  The result are these smaller critters.

The red octopus was made with the required hook and #4 yarn.  The blue one was made with a larger hook and the big multicolored octopus was made with a large K  6.5mm hook and I used 2 strands of yarn through out the who piece.


octopusI ended up making 5 small octopuses, or is it Octopi?  I strung them up on a wooden hoop and made this adorable mobile!



Anyway here’s the free pattern from Croby Patterns!

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