We all love to watch scary movies during the month of October.  It helps us get in the Halloween mood.

I know that there are many horror film aficionados who can’t resist a violence filled gory movie like John Carpenter’s Halloween, a true horror classic.  Then there are those like me who prefer the subtler thrillers like The Sixth Sense.  But I think most of us will agree that neither of those types of horror flicks are child appropriate.  I doubt anyone wants to spend endless nights soothing kids’ nightmares after having watched such horror.

But of course we want to watch Halloween movies with the kids.  It’s part of the deal!  So here are some of our favorite age appropriate films to watch with your kids.  I’ve grouped them by levels starting with pre-school all the way up to Middle School.  Hope you find one you and the kids will love!

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Pre-School – Kindergarten

Room on the Broom

Based on the children’s book by Julia Donaldson this short film is perfect for ages 3 and above.  It’s about a friendly witch who keeps dropping her things which animals retrieve in return for a ride on the broom.

This film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

This film is available to stream live on Amazon Prime or you can buy the DVD here!

Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie

It’s a haunted Halloween in the Hundred Acre Woods.  Tigger warns of the Gobloon who’ll turn you into a Jaggedy Lantern if he catches you, and Roo has a new best friend called Lumpy.

It’s a cute an cuddly fun adventure with Pooh and the gang.  The whole family will love it!

It’s available for rent on Amazon Prime or you can order the DVD here!

Mickey’s Treats

Dress up and join Mickey and his pals for some spooktacular Halloween fun!

They’re headed to Pete’s house for a Halloween party, but first they must get thru the Candy Corn Patch!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans will love this short flick!

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Elementary School


This latest Scooby Doo movie was released last July.  This full length film explores the origins of besties Shaggy and Scoobie and the rest of the gang.  Did you know they met on a Halloween night?

After solving many mysteries that feature spooks, goblins, monsters, and things the go bump in the night  the gang sets out on their toughest case yet.  They must save the save the world from a global “dogpocalypse” when an the evil ghost dog Cerebus is unleashed.  In the process they discover Scooby’s secret legacy and a destiny beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

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Hotel Transylvania

Watch one or all three of this adorable movie.  Join Dracula and his friends and family for a hilarious good time!

I won’t tell you the plots but rest assured they’re not scary at all!  These are 3 of our favorites!

The movies are available to rent from Amazon Prime or you can buy the 3 DVD Collection here!




Be careful what you wish for and things aren’t always what they seem!

This creepy movie was  adapted from the book of the same name.  It’s a cross between fairytale and The Twilight Zone.

Coraline discovers an alternate family in parallel universe where things look much better than her home in the real world.  But things turn out creepier and more dangerous and she must use all her wits to return to her normal life.

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Middle School

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

This one’s for the Tweenies!  Those kids that are too old for the cute Halloween movies but too young for a real horror flick.

It’s loosely based on the series of books by the same name.  The movie follows a group of kids who investigate local legends before the legends get the better of them!

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Based on the children’s horror books by R. L. Stine which have become modern day classics.  These short movies are scary enough for this age group but not so scary that it will keep them up all night.

There are many different DVDs, just like there are many books.  Choose one that’s a favorite or find something new and different.

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It’s a good time to introduce your kids to this Tim Burton masterpiece about a pair of ghosts who want to scary off the family that moved in to their old house.

It’s a fun and not so scary movie for the whole family!

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Many of our favorite Halloween movies are adapted from a favorite Halloween book.  If you’re looking for a Halloween Reading List check out our post “Halloween Reading List for Kids”  it has a lot of great suggestions! Click here to read that post!