mario kart There was a time when choosing a theme was easy, when parents can choose the party theme for their little ones.  Um…that’s good until they’re about 3!  By the time they reach their 4th. birthday most kids have definite ideas of what they want their party to be.  This specially holds true for 9 and 10 year old boys!  But even though they sort of know what they want even kids this age need a bit of a hand in choosing a theme.  So here’s one we planned recently for cousins that wanted to celebrate their birthdays together and who both love their Nintendo games.  They had a Mario Kart party!

Mario Kart is a great party theme!  It’s fun, colorful, and has many characters you can use on party decor!  Of course there are Mario and Luigi, the game’s heroes.  That’s why it’s also a great theme for twin birthdays and other joint parties.  Here are a few ideas to inspire you for  your Mario Kart themed party!  And remember if you need party invitations and decor you can DIY or place an order with Savvy Nana Crafts.  We’ll work with you to customize your party!

mario kart


Set the stage with themed invitations.  Be sure you have the date, time, and place of your party on the invitation and don’t forget the RSVP.  You’ll want to know how many people are planning on attending.  It makes planning and budgeting so much easier![spacer height=”-20px”]



mario kartActivities

If you’re super creative and motivated like Melissa Peterson of MudPie Parties build these Mario Kart vehicles and have the kids race in them!

If not then maybe you can make simple cars using cardboard boxes and spray painting them in bright colors.  The kids can use them to race or run an obstacle course!

Other fun ideas that fit this theme would be pin the mustache on Mario, or Luigi.  You can print a large picture of the guys and cut out construction paper mustaches.  [spacer height=”-20px”]



mario kartFood

Food is a very important part of the party, specially the birthday cake!  For kids keep foods simple.  Stick with easy to make and eat finger foods like these cute star shaped PB&J sandwiches.  You can also serve fresh veggies and fruits, they make a colorful and healthy option!

mario kartCupcakes are a  great alternative to a big birthday cake.  They’re easy to transport and easy to serve.  Cupcake toppers make them super special![spacer height=”-20px”]



mario kartDecorations

Decor adds that extra special something to any party.  We like to have centerpieces, banners, signs, and more.

For these centerpieces we personalized them with each child’s picture, age, and name.  The character stick ties it all together.  I like to use metal pails filled with shredded paper.  They very easy to put together and very inexpensive to buy.

mario kartFor this party I printed out stickers of the venus fly trap and stuck them on each pail.  Really cute!

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Photo Booth

Photo booths are always fun.  You don’t need anything fancy, a blank wall will serve as a back drop, if you want cut out pictures of Mario Kart characters and tape them to the wall.

Then make sure you have Mario Kart Photo Props for them to hold up!

Order your Mario Kart Photo props from Savvy Nana Crafts.

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mario kart


Don’t forget favors with personalized tags or stickers.  It’s a great way to thank guests for celebrating with you!

Whatever you decide on have an awesome party!  Please share your Mario Kart party ideas with us, we’d love to hear from you!