Obviously, I would never let you look inside my cupboards if I hadn’t just organized them.

Before I show you my newly organized pantry, I have to show you my good-as-new dishes.
Almost 18 years ago, as a wedding gift, I got simple, plain white dishes.   I love them.  They go with all of the plain white serving platters and bowls I’ve collected over the years.   For the last 10 years, they’ve been covered in scratch marks from my silverware.  I tried scrubbing them with baking soda like Heloise said I should. Nothing. I tried the Magic Eraser. Not so magical.
I was ready to buy new dishes. I decided to stop in at our local Ace Hardware.   The helpful clerk suggested I try this.
Just in case, I also picked up the more abrasive version.

I ended up using both. I applied the Liquid Bar Keepers Friend with a damp sponge and a little elbow grease. For the really tough scratches, I added a bit of the powdered version and applied a little more elbow grease.

The results speak for themselves.


I guess Ace really is the place with the helpful hardware man.  A helpful tip from me: if you will be scrubbing a lot of dishes, it might be a good idea to wear rubber gloves.  And it’s probably a good idea to test on a small area before you proceed.I can’t say how well this would work on other dishes, but it worked wonders for mine.  At $4 a bottle, it’s worth a try.  You can always use it to clean your bathrooms or your pots and pans if it doesn’t work on your dishes.

Now, onto my newly organized pantry.  I found these awesome containers at Wal-Mart.  I had to go to almost every Wal-Mart within a 15 mile radius to get enough to do this.  Are you suprised that there are 4 Wal-Marts within a 15 mile radius?   Three of them no longer have any of these on the shelves.
They’re Flip-Tite Containers by Better Homes and Gardens.  I added labels to some of the containers.  Because I need to be able to tell my husband and children “go into the pantry and get the baking powder,” and get a quick response.  Not that I got a quick response when the baking powder was in a little can that said BAKING POWDER right on the front.
Look Inside My Cupboards
Just looking at it makes me happy.  I’d like to put everything in the house into these containers.  The laundry soap.  The paper clips.  The M&M’s.  The Legos.