Leaf People Fall Craft

Nov 7, 2022 | Corner

Previously, we created complex animal faces using fall leaves. This time, we decided to add limbs and feet using a fine-tip marker.

Before, we created animals from our fallen leaves. We added feet and legs to each animal before constructing a face with a fine tip marker.

They turned out wonderfully happy!! (In most cases)

Materials to make Leaf People:

  • Leaves – best collected during a long nature walk. We pressed ours between a sheet of newsprint and a heavy book for a day.
  • Paint – Puffy Paint or Chalk Markers.
  • Markers to make the arms and legs
  • Paper or Cardstock
  • Glue to stick the leaves onto the paper. You can use regular glue or a hot glue gun

We added faces to our leaf people with puffy paint overnight before drying them.

We attached leaves to a loose paper to create our bodies with hands and feet the next day.

You can substitute any glue you choose for hot glue when applying leaves to your paper. I suggest adding glue to the leaves’ base before placing them on top of the glued paper. Use a runny glue for the best results.

Leaf People Fall Craft

I created leaf people while doodling in any position. I can draw whenever I please, which is why it’s logical that I drew away after completing my leaf people. Taking this into consideration, I plan to try out this idea! Results in tremendous therapeutic effects.

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