kids' halloween partyI’m sure I’ve mentioned that our family loves parties, we celebrate just about every holiday with a party.  But no party beats a Kids’ Halloween Party, they’re my favorite!

Kids’ Halloween Parties have all the elements of fun, costumes, decorations, treats, games, and activities.  I’ve been organizing and hosting these parties since my kids were small, now we have them for the grands.

Here are some fun ideas to help you fun a spooktacular Kids’ Halloween Party this year!

Kids halloween partySpooky Halloween punch is always a hit at our parties. Watch the kids oohs and aahs when you serve up your punch.  It doesn’t matter what kind of punch, we use blue Hawaiian Punch, it’s the presentation that counts!

Be careful when you handle dry ice, it’s what makes this awesome theatrical effect.  Watch this video to learn how to make this cool punch!

kids halloween partyIf you haven’t decorated already you must for your party.  You don’t have to get too elaborate and turn your whole house into a haunted house, but that’s fun if you can!

I love to use my fog machine it creates the perfect atmosphere!



kids halloween partyOnce you have your decorations planned it’s time to set the menu.  This would depend on the time of day your Kids’ Halloween Party will be.  I like to start in the early evening and end soon after it gets dark.  We usually serve a light dinner, but you can host your Kids’ Halloween Party during the day.  This works great for younger kids.  You can serve lunch or light snacks.  Whatever you decide just be sure you serve the kids something hearty before you set them loose at the treat table!

Like Mother Like Daughter’s Mummy Mini Pizzas would fit the bill!  Click here for recipe!  For more Halloween Dinner Ideas click here!

Next comes the fun part, games and activities!  There are so many games that are perfect for a Kids’ Halloween Party you’ll have a hard time picking just a few!

kids' halloween partyMy all time favorite is bobbing for apples.  It’s an absolute must!  I know it can get pretty messy so have lots of towels handy.  Someone’s bound to dive right in![spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]




kids' halloween partyAnother favorite is a Spooky Sensory Game.  Set out “gross” items in containers that you can place in a box.  Let kids reach in and touch each item and try to guess which body parts they are.

We usually use cooked spaghetti for “intestines”, steel wool for “hair”, peeled grapes for “eyes”, and so on.

Here are some instructions from Inner Child Fun to help you out!

kids' halloween partyThen there are variations of “Pin the Tail” using monsters, ghosts, witches, skeleton, and other Halloween characters instead of the donkey.

You can buy a Halloween version of this game from a party supply store or you can make your own.  Just draw or print a poster with your desired creature then cut out enough of the body party you’re pinning on so each child can have a turn.


Party games are fun, kids love them.  But they tend to get the kids too wound up, special when coupled with all the sweets they just consumed.  We like to wind down our Halloween parties with a calmer activities, believe me the parents will thank you!

For older kids, I’d say 5th. grade and up, you can sit them in a circle, dim the lights, or better yet light a lantern (battery operated of course!) and allow them to tell each other ghost stories. Just like camp fire stories!  You’ll be surprised how creative they can be!

A game of “Ghostly Telephone” is another good choice for older kids.  Start with a silly or spooky phrase and have each child whisper it to the next child’s ear and see what the phrase turns out to be.

You can also have the first child start a scary story with the first phrase, the next child adds a line to the story and so on.  I know our pre-teens loved this activity last year!

If your guests are younger you can sit them down and read some not too scary Halloween books to them.  Click here for some not so scary Halloween reads! (affiliate link)

If all else fails or you’ve depleted your bag of games, gather the kids around the telly and put on a Halloween Movie.  Just make sure the movie is age appropriate,  you don’t want younger kids to have nightmares!  Click here for a list of Not So Scary Halloween Movies!

Oh, and don’t forget, have all your guests dress up in their Halloween costumes for the party!  And remember to take lots of pictures!

For more Halloween Party ideas click here!

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