If there is one thing that we all value in life, it’s our independence. This doesn’t end just because we get older, and it’s important that we hang onto our independence as long as our brains and bodies allow us to do so. Maintaining independence is the most important priority for seniors, and although there are some things that are beyond our control as we age, there is a lot that can be done to increase our ability to remain independent.

Some people choose to move over to a senior care facility as they get older to be as secure as possible, but others choose independence in the home and with their friends. With this in mind, we’ve got some ways to ensure that you can keep your independence as you get older. Let’s take a look!

Be as active as possible
Exercise helps you to remain strong, healthy and improves your balance – which can be difficult as we age. Exercise benefits will help you to stay stable while you walk, and it’ll also help you to maintain your day to day tasks without help for as long as possible. Keeping active will keep you feeling alive, which is exactly what you need. Swimming and walking are two excellent ways to stay active for as long as possible.

Be aware of the risks of falling at home
Loose rugs, clutter all over the place and even long cords – all of these things are trip hazards, and they will seriously prevent you from remaining independent if you fall. The bathroom is a common place to fall, so using railings and non-slip mats is so important. You can reduce your risks and you can feel stable when you do.

Stay social
Friendships are so difficult to maintain as we get older. Some of that is to do with feeling more content with our own company, and sometimes it’s to do with feeling like life is so busy our friends just fall away from us. Staying social is going to add value to your life. Physical benefits of social connections are as real as the mental benefits of social connections. Our relationships are important as we get older, and your friends need to be around you!

Always ask for help
There are so many ways to be independent and people often confuse independence with having to handle things alone. No one has to handle anything alone at all. Asking for help allows you to stay independent while you have support. You need the support around you so that you can stay at home, stay going on your excursions and remain in your home as long as possible.

Seniority doesn’t mean that you have to shrink away from your life. Instead, it means you can embrace everything that life has to offer and embrace everything life still has left to give you. Take the time to work out what will make you feel good and choose that – choosing independence is going to change your future.