Keeping An Eye On Your Dog When He’s Exploring

Jun 17, 2020 | Pet Corner

Did you know that dogs have 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose? That is a staggering 40 times greater than human beings. Is it any wonder that dogs just go around sniffing anything and everything? Can you imagine literally being led by the nose all your life? This is why dogs are so amazing, but they can be a danger to themselves as well. They’re such amazing creatures but even a normal trip to the park can end up being very serious. Dogs like to chew, bite and lick things they find stimulating and this can lead them into having a sore stomach, sneezing a lot, getting watery eyes and even vomiting. Keeping an eye on him while he explores is something you need to get used to.

Do they eat plants?

Yes! Dogs eat plants when you’re not looking. They do this when they’re stray dogs or ‘in the wild’ because they may have an upset stomach. Naturally, they know what to eat but sometimes they can make a mistake. Dogs will sometimes eat stinging nettles because it helps them digest, but too much can harm them. This is also why we make nettle soup because it calms your bowels. However, they can end up eating things they shouldn’t. For example, toxic flowers like lilies and daffodils. The petals are harmless and even quite sweet, but the bulbs are toxic. Ingesting them can cause your dog to puke and convulse. The next time you go to the park, keep your pooch away from the flower patch.

Keep out of the soil

Now we all know what it’s like to try and get our dog out of a muddy puddle. It’s one of life’s hidden challenges. Dogs love to roll around in the muddy water because they’re having fun. You find that many animals in the wild roll around in mud too. It could be the texture on their fur, perhaps the stickiness or maybe it could be how it cools them down on a hot day. Regardless, you shouldn’t encourage your dog to roll around in dry soil or mud because worm eggs can become trapped in their paws. The larvae will hatch and make their way into your dog and this can make your furry friend very sick. But you can give your dog a chewy antiparasitic treat from This small treat helps your dog by fighting off 5 different types of parasite at once, worms being one of them.

Straying too close

Not all dogs like the water and not all dogs are good swimmers. If you have a dog that is short, stumpy legs such as a British bulldog or poodle, you should keep an eye on them while in the park. If the park has a pond or perhaps a river running through it, your dog will be tempted to jump into it due to his own reflection or perhaps the fish swimming underneath the surface. Call him back if you think he is about to jump in!

Dogs are sometimes too inquisitive for their own good. They have huge hearts and even bigger noses that can sometimes lead them astray. But as long as you’re keeping an eye on them, let them explore.

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