What says Fourth of July sparkler better than gooey globs of glitter? The weather is finally warmer and my family has been going through popsicles like they are – well, candy (but, aren’t they kind of like candy anyway?). Instead of tossing the sticks, I’ve been saving them for this holiday craft.

Gather together a handful of popsicle sticks (or you can buy craft sticks if you don’t have any popsicles around) and get ready to help your child craft a sparkly patriotic flag. Although I personally am game for anything involving glitter and really don’t care much about the mess (well, I kind of mind picking sparkles off of the floor, table and my son’s clothes weeks later), prepping for this project means covering your work surface with something suitable to catch the teeny tiny shining specks. Use a garbage bag, newspaper or a sheet of scrap foam board.


Here’s What You’ll Need:


  • Cardboard – Reuse the side of an old box.


  • Popsicle or craft sticks


  • Clear drying school glue


  • Scissors


  • Red, silver and blue glitter


  • A paintbrush


  • Star stickers


Here’s What to Do:


  1. Line the craft sticks up horizontally on the cardboard to make the flag’s stripes.


  1. Glue the sticks to the cardboard. Let them dry.

Craft sticks

  1. Help your child to cut the cardboard around the sticks. Typically I prefer to have the child do all of the art-making for herself. But, in this circumstance the cardboard may be too tough for little hands to slice through. If your child is struggling, give her a hand with the cutting.

Children's art

  1. Paint a layer of glue over the craft sticks. Have your child squeeze a few quarter-sized dabs of glue on the top left side, spreading it out into a rectangle shape.


  1. Sprinkle blue glitter over the glue. I find this best to do over a piece of paper. When your child is done crafting you can fold the paper and the left over glitter into a plastic baggie to use later.

Glitter art

  1. Paint glue over the rest of the sticks.


  1. Alternating red and silver, have your child sprinkle glitter over the stripes. Shake off the excess.

July crafts

  1. Let the glue dry.

Kids' crafts

  1. Add star stickers to the blue area.

Holiday Art

  1. Paint another layer of glue over the entire project to seal in the sparkles.

Sparkle Art

You can use the artwork as a display piece for a July 4th get-together or even as coasters for cool drinks at a barbeque.

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