Jacob’s Ladder Legwarmers – Free Pattern

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Jacob's Ladder

I have fallen in love with the Jacob’s Ladder crochet stitch after making a small blanket using this design.  I love the cable look and thought it would look great on legwarmers.  My daughter really loved the color of one of the yarn I used on the blanket and since I had a skein left over I decided to make her a pair.

It didn’t take me long to make these legwarmers.  The Jacob’s Ladder design is very simple.  It’s an easy pattern for beginners.  This pair of legwarmers are super cute and can be made in just a few hours using just 4 basic stitches; Chain, Single Crochet, Double Crochet, and Slip Stitch.

What looks like a cable stitch is actually a panel of interlocking chain stitches!   The ribbed bands on the top and bottom are rows of backloop single crochet stitches.

Each legwarmer is worked as a single piece with 3 sections, so no need to stitch them together.  The top and bottom bands are worked in rows and the main body in between is worked in rounds.

To create a tighter band (this is what holds the legwarmer up on the calf) a smaller K hook is used and a larger N hook is used to work the main body to give it a chunkier look, the larger hook also lets you make these legwarmers very fast.

Gauge for K hook is 10 SC stitches x 5 rows = 3 Sq. In.

Gauge for N hook is 6 DC stitches x 4 rows = 4 Sq. In.

Gauge isn’t really important, correct measurements will give you a better fit.

Finished measurements:

Top Ribbing 10” will fit up to 12-13” calf circumference

Length from edge of top ribbing to edge of bottom ribbing 18”

Instructions are given for the size above.

You can easily adjust the size for a custom fit.

To increase or decrease the calf size add or subtract rows for the top ribbing, just be sure you end up with a number of rows that are divisible by 6 so that the main body pattern will come out evenly.

To increase or decrease the length make more or less rounds of the main pattern to suit your measurements.  Remember that you will add a bottom ribbing which is 2 ½” wide.  Take the ribbing into account when you make length adjustments.

To find the correct size for you measure the calf just under the knee.  Subtract 2” from your measurement and make the top ribbing that length.  This accounts for the stretch in the ribbing, remember this is what hold the legwarmer up on the calf so you want it pretty snug.

To find the correct length measure the calf from just under the knee to the top of the ankle.  If you want your legwarmers to be “slouchy” add a couple of inches to your length depending on how slouchy you want it to be.


Click here for a printable pdf version of this pattern!


Stitches: (St)

Ch – Chain

Sl St – Slip Stitch

SC – Single Crochet

BLSC – Back Loop Single Crochet

DC – Double Crochet



Hook Size K 6.50mm

Hook Size N 9.00mm

1 Skein #4 Worsted Yarn any color

Yarn needle (to weave in ends)

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Top Ribbing:  This is the first section of your legwarmer.  It is worked in rows using the smaller K hook.  When you’ve reached your desired length you will slip stitch the last row to the first row you worked to form a band.  Turning Ch 1 does not count as the first SC.  You will be working in the Back Loops only to form the ribbing.

Using Hook size K Chain 11

Row 1:  SC in 2nd. Ch from hook, SC in each Ch across, Ch 1, Turn (10 SC)

Row 2:  BLSC in each St across, Ch 1, Turn (10 SC)

Row 3 – 30:  Repeat Row 2 (to row 30 or your desired length)

Next Row:  Sl St last worked row to the first row you made, DO NOT fasten off (10 Sl St)


Main Body:  This section is worked in Rounds using the larger N hook.  The Ch 3 at the beginning of each round counts as your first DC.  You will end each round with a Sl St to the top of the Ch 3 at the beginning of the round.  For the first round space the sts evenly along the ribbing to establish the pattern.

Change to Hook size N.

Round 1:  Ch 3, DC in next 2 sts, Ch 7, * DC in next 6 st, Ch 7 *, Repeat ** 3 times, DC in the last 3 spaces of the ribbing.  Sl St to top of Ch 3.

Round 2:  Ch 3, DC in next 2 sts, Ch 7, * DC in next 6 st, Ch 7*, Repeat ** 3 times, DC in last 3 sts, Sl St to top of Ch 3.

Round 3 – 10:  Repeat Round 2 (if you are adjusting the length just add or subtract rounds)

Jacob's Ladder


At this point your legwarmer will look like this picture.  It doesn’t look like a legwarmer at all, it looks more like a floppy hat shaped piece.  We will fix this in the next round.




Next Round:  Ch 3, DC in next 2 sts,  keep hook in loop of last DC and work the Ch 7 spaces in a daisy chain fashion to form the “ladder” (follow the photos)

Jacob's Ladder


Starting at the Ch 7 closest to the top ribbing slip the 2nd.  Ch 7 strand thru the 1st. Ch 7 strand.  Insert  2nd. strand from BEHIND the 1st. strand and pull thru to the front to form a loop




Jacob's LadderDo the same with the 3rd. strand – pull it thru the 2nd. Strand.  Continue in this fashion until you get to the last strand.

You will end up with a final loop once you have inserted the last strand thru the strand just below it.

Insert hook (loop of last DC you worked should still be on the hook) into the final loop of the ladder and make a SC (insert hook into final loop, pick up yarn – you will have 2 loops on the hook, yarn over and pull thru both loops – for your SC)

DC into the next 6 sts until you get to the next set of Ch 7 strands.

Here’s a quick video tutorial you might find helpful!

Repeat these steps all the way around until you finish the last ladder panel, DC into the last 3 sts, Sl St to top of Ch 3.  (30 DC, 5 SC)

Next Round:  Change to smaller K hook.

Ch 2, SC in next 2 sts, * Skip next st (SC from round below), SC in next 6 sts *, repeat ** 3 times, Skip next st, SC in next 3 sts, join with Sl St to top of Ch 2.  DO NOT fasten off.

Bottom Ribbing:  This final section is worked in rows that are attached with Sl St to the last round of the main body.  Stitches are again worked in the back loops only just like the top ribbing.

Jacob's LadderRow 1:  Ch 7 hold chain perpendicular to legwarmer.

BLSC 2nd. Ch from hook and in all Ch across, Ch 1, Turn (6 SC)






Jacob's LadderRow 2:  BLSC in each st, working towards the legwarmer,







Jacob's Ladderskip next st in last round of legwarmer and Sl St to next st, Ch 1, Turn







Jacob's LadderRow 3:  BLSC in each st, working away from legwarmer, Ch 1, Turn.







Repeat Rows 2 & 3 around the edge of legwarmer.

Sl St last worked row to first worked row.  Fasten off and weave in ends.

Be sure you make 2!

Don’t have time to make these cool legwarmers?  No worries order a pair from my Etsy shop Savvy Nana Crafts today

I can make them for you in any size and color!

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