Tropical Punch Float

Tropical Punch Float

a3403c054aa5eac17d35ca917aaebdecLast week I discovered Seafood City, a supermarket chain specializing in Filipino and Asian goods,  in my area.  They have markets in California and Hawaii, and are soon to open one in Chicago.

They had opened not far from my house a few years ago.  I don’t know why it took me this long to go there, but I’m glad I finally did!

I love markets, specially ethnic ones; and I loved Seafood City! I love to wander the aisles looking at different foods and ingredients they offer.
I spent a couple of hours wandering Seafood City’s aisles and checking out the concessions lining the inside perimeter.  There were a couple of bakeries, including Red Ribbon, my favorite Filipino bakeshop, a couple of fast food outlets, Jollibee and Grill City, and an ice cream shop featuring Magnolia brand ice cream.  Yummy!  [spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]





I grabbed lunch at Grill City.  I couldn’t resist their Filipino barbecue and banana que!

I know I digress, but I’m so excited about my new “find” I just had to share!

Lunch was delish, but I couldn’t finish it.  Turned out my eyes were bigger than my stomach.  So I packed it up and took it home for later.  Packing up a doggie bag is so easy, they leave an industrial sized roll of plastic wrap on the counter so you can help yourself!

So I wrapped up my banana que and enjoyed it later, way later, before wandering the aisles with my shopping cart.

The aisles were filled with many childhood favorites as well as some interesting new food.  Before long my cart was filled with all sorts of goodies; familiar ingredients like egg roll wrappers, tofu, and bean sprouts (I’d turn them into lumpia later); and some tasty looking new items such as chocolate banana wafers.

My favorite new find was this can of Del Monte Four Seasons drink.  I could see all sorts of possibilities!

A pineapple, mango, and guava juice punch, how wrong can you go?  My mind went thru different concoctions I could mix up with this tropical punch; daiquiris, margaritas, spritzes, and more!  I couldn’t wait to get home and try some!

Before I headed home I grabbed some Magnolia mango flavored ice cream, it could come in handy; if not I could just eat it with my banana que!

At home I got busy!  I opted to make a non-alcoholic float that everyone could enjoy, even the 22 month old twin grandkids.  Best of all I had the 3 ingredients I would need:  Four Seasons punch, ginger ale, and mango ice cream.
This is what I came up with, it was awesome!  This Tropical Punch Float is the perfect summer beverage and it’s so simple you really don’t even need a recipe!  (But I’ll include in below, just in case!)

I know you may not be able to find this Del Monte Four Seasons juice, it was the first time I’d seen it, but you can substitute any type of tropical punch or juice such as mango, pineapple, guava, or a similar mixture.

If you don’t find Magnolia Ice Cream you can use Hagen Daz Mango Sorbet.  It takes just as good and a bit lighter than using ice cream.  I’m pretty sure most grocery stores stock Hagen Daz Sorbets.  But if you can’t find mango a pineapple sorbet will work too!

Here’s the recipe!  It will go great with your Labor Day barbecue or just as a treat during the last few days of summer.




Del Monte Four Seasons Juice or mango, pineapple, guava juice/punch

Ginger Ale

Mango ice cream or sorbet



Fill glass 1/3 full with juice

Add ginger ale to about 1″ from rim

Add a scoop of ice cream or sorbet

Pop in a straw and serve immediately.

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Tropical Punch Float
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Tropical Punch Float
Print Recipe
  1. Fill glass 1/3 full with juice
  2. Add ginger ale to about 1" from rim
  3. Add a scoop of ice cream or sorbet
  4. Pop in a straw and serve immediately.
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