How to Make a DIY Paper Easter Basket

Mar 15, 2023 | Corner, DIY Crafts, DIY Holiday Crafts, DIY Projects, Easter

Easter is the ideal time to break out your DIY supplies and make a spring craft. Short on Easter baskets this year? Not a problem. Here’s how to make the perfect DIY paper basket that will fit a chocolate bunny, jelly beans, and maybe even a decorated egg or two. Note: Following this tutorial will make a 4”x4”x4” paper basket, if you want a larger or smaller basket, adjust the measurements to reflect the size you want.


  • Cut 1” wide strips of paper.
  • Cut 4 18” pieces of one color and 1 for the handle.
  • Set aside the 1 for the handle.
  • Cut 4 14” long pieces of your first color.
  • Cut 4 14” long pieces of your second color. (If you don’t have paper that is long enough you can tape two pieces together.)



  1. Arrange the 14” pieces 4 across, being sure to alternat colors.
  2. Weave 4 more 14” pieces in the other direction of the 4 you already have placed down, alternating colors again. Adjust the inner square (where the paper is overlapping) to make a 4” x 4” square.
  3. Glue down each corner that is overlapping to secure.
  4. Fold each piece inwards towards the center to start building the side walls.
  5. With the 18” pieces, measure and mark every 4” and then fold on each mark. Glue the ends together.
  6. Weave each of these pieces to form the basket by following the under/over weaving pattern.
  7. After you weave the 4 18” pieces onto the walls, fold over any excess paper and glue to the inside (or trim and glue to the inside).
  8. Glue each side of the handle to the inside of the basket and you are done!



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