How To Keep Your Puppy In A Happy Mood For The Longest Time

Oct 28, 2021 | Pet Corner

How To Keep Your Puppy In A Happy Mood For The Longest Time

Anyone who owns a dog knows that they really are a lovely being. They’ll be loyal to you if you tried them right, and they’ll give you all of the positive feelings in the world. Not only are they wonderful company, but they’ll also want to keep you safe and ensure you’re okay when you’re feeling down. 

 A lot of people who own puppies and fully-grown dogs struggle with things for the first few months – and even the first year or so. This doesn’t need to happen – if being a pet owner was so difficult, then none of us would even bother in the first place. Perhaps they struggle to bond, they worry about getting the right treats, or they just feel as though they aren’t up to the task.

 At the end of the day, it’s all about keeping them safe and happy while teaching them a thing or two. If you can keep them happy, then everyone will be happy – here’s how to do it: 

 Provide A Wonderful Home For Them 

 First and foremost, the least you could do is ensure that their environment will be lovely. They’ll get used to pretty much any home you create for them, but it would be grand if you could make something that is convenient for both the pup and everyone else. Spacious areas and comfortable spots should be thought about. Think also about adding play areas. 

 Educate Yourself On What Is Needed 

 You’re always going to be learning new things about your pup – even when you’ve had them for years and years. Firstly, however, you’re going to want to get to grips with the basic needs they have. Their food, their behaviour, what they like and hate, and so many other things should be thought about. Fortunately, you can head online and check out the likes of Freshpet dog food reviews or you can read up on all kinds of pet parenting techniques.

 Regularly Check With Your Vet 

 Your vet will know an awful lot more about your dog than you will. They’ll need to have regular check-ups in order to ensure that they’re okay and that they aren’t going to have any problems anytime soon. If you put things off and leave them for too long, the errors you make could be hugely problematic going forward. 

 Keep Them Active 

 If your pup is constantly on the move, then they’re going to be stimulated. Just like ourselves, dogs need to be doing something in order to feel happy. If you’re working from home and have lots to do, you might feel as though you aren’t doing enough with them – there are plenty of activities you can do in this instance. Just don’t possess a lazy dog that doesn’t mean – it’s not good for them.

 Teach Them Manners And To Be Calm 

 You’ll teach them all kinds of tricks and methods of obedience over the years. Hopefully, they’ll become a lot calmer and steady pretty early on. If they’re going to be happy with their life, then they’re going to need to be disciplined so that they can stay out of trouble. Less anxiety and more tranquillity will keep a pup very happy.

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