If you plan to host a dinner party, you may or may not be aware of how stressful it can be. If this is your first dinner party, then don’t be fooled. There is a lot of time and preparation that needs to go into the organization of such an event if you want it to run without a hitch. If you want our dinner party to wow everyone invited, make sure the night is fun and relaxed for everyone, and most of all, you want to make it look as if you have not been stressed out at all, then you need to take a look at the tips below:

The Guests

The first thing you need to do is decide who is coming. The more people you invite, the more difficult it will be. If this is your first dinner party, it is probably best to play it safe and invite around four to six guests. Remember you will all be sitting around the dinner table, so it is probably a good idea to invite people who know each other and already have that rapport. Then you could add one or two extras. You are basically considering the flow of conversation, so think about people who are naturally talkative too. When it comes to creating the invites, then up to a month beforehand is a good shout. This gives everyone a chance to clear their diaries. Ensure you consider any dietary requirements here, so ask the question.   

The Menu

So, you know the dietary requirements of everyone, now it’s time to start preparing what you are going to cook. You are going to want to wow everyone, so lots of time to practice is a must. Going for Tapas or meals you have cooked before may be an idea if this whole process is new to you. However, you can always find excellent recipes like how to roast a cornish hen. For the dessert, ensure you make this around two days before the big day. 


Red wines, white wines, rose, beers, and ciders, you are also going to want a few soft drinks for anyone you need a rest from alcohol. Think about wines that accompany the food you are making and buy those. Guests generally tend to bring bottles of wine they like with them, so that makes it a little easier.

Start the Preparations Early

You will want to consider the aesthetic and the atmosphere you want to create. Perhaps think about music in the background. You could create a suitable playlist. Then think about the table and candles, and other decor. Make sure you have enough tableware and cutlery for everyone, plus a couple of spares. You could plan a seated table to ensure everyone is in the best position. Think about anything extra such as special garnishes, tools, plates, dishes, etc. Make a list of all the things you need before you go out to buy it. It is probably best to buy the extra things, including the alcohol before you think about buying the food. The food should be bought a couple of days, maximum, before the event to ensure freshness and quality. Flowers for the table should be bough last, perhaps the day before the event or even that morning, if you’re brave. Another thing to ensure is that you have a bag of ice, which always comes in handy.

The Day Before the Event

This is when you need to give your house a thorough clean, especially the dining room and the closest toilet. You should start preparing the food too, anything that can be done now, do it, wrap and refrigerate. Remember to pick up any flowers you want for your table. It may be an idea to begin preparing the table too. That evening take all the rubbish out, so you have clear bins and wash all dishes and ensure that the dishwasher is totally empty. All these little things will make your life a lot easier on the big day.

On the Day

If you haven’t already done so, lay the table, that is your first job. Then set up the kitchen, cutting boards, and knives on display ready to be used. Ensure you have all the dishes out that you will need. Set up a snack station for your guests when they arrive. Don’t forget to get dressed, and it may be an idea to wear an apron in the kitchen. Remember, you are only human. Give yourself a break, weather any storm, and make sure everyone has something to drink.