How to Have Amazing Hands

Nov 21, 2022 | Health & Fitness

An area of beauty that many of us neglect is our hands. Our hands are so visible so often, whether we are walking or talking animatedly, that it is important they look their best if we want to make a good impression and look great no matter what.

With that in mind, take a look at my top tips for always having amazing hands:

Moisturize regularly

Your hands, like the rest of your body, need to be moisturized regularly if they are to look as smooth, radiant, and youthful as possible. However, your hands may need a little more moisture than the rest of your body.

Why? Because we tend to wash our hands with hot or warm water multiple times a day, and hot water can dry the skin out fast. Ideally, you would apply a little hand cream each time you wash, but if you can’t do that, then applying hand cream 3- 4 times a day should help.

Oh and if you have eczema on hands or some other skin condition, then be sure to use prescribed moisturizers and emollients only as many store-bought brands can cause the condition to worsen and your hands will get sore and inflamed as a result.

Wash with lukewarm water

On the subject of hand washing and heat, you do need to wash your hands regularly for hygiene reasons, but if you do not want them to dry out and crack, then using lukewarm water or hand sanitizer gel instead of hot water is a really good idea.

Get a manicure

One thing that will really help your hands to look amazing is having a regular manicure whereby your hands are moisturized and your nails are cleaned, cut, and polished if you prefer.

Hands that are looked after, and ails that are well-kempt will always look better than those that are not given much attention. Of course, if you cannot afford regular manicures, you can learn how to do your own, which will save time and money, and give you something soothing to do as an act of self-care that will improve your hands significantly.


A lot of people seem to skip exfoliating their hands because they just don’t think it is necessary for some reason, But, of course, your hands are covered in skin, and any area that is covered with skin beads to be exfoliated so that dead skin cells can be removed and fresh new ones can be revealed. 

In order to exfoliate your hands, simply use a body brush to scrub them at least once a day when washing, Follow up by applying a thin layer of hand cream and your hands will instantly look more youthful.

Apply vaseline

If you are going to be heading out in cold conditions during winter winds or snowy weather, for example, then mixing some vaseline with your usual hand cream and applying a thin layer will help to protect your hands from the elements, while also moisturizing them at the same time. 

You might also want to wear gloves in the cold weather. Leather gloves wore over the vaseline/. Hand cream mixture will work really well, but wearing gloves or vaseline alone will also help to keep your hands protected so it is really up to you.

Cold weather can really dry out your hands, so it is important you take extra care of your hands in the winter months.

Deal with hang nails

If you have hang nails or you break a nail, then don’t leave them until later to deal with – simply ensure you always have a nail file and clippers on hand so you can fix any issues fast. The longer you leave broken nails or hang nails, the worse they are likely to get and the longer you will have to go with less-than-perfect hands.

Use a cuticle cream

If you do not want your cuticles to look bad, and if you want to ensure your manicure always looks amazing, you need to be using a cuticle cream on a regular basis – it really is that simple.

Eat a healthy diet

Eating a diet that is high in vitamins E and C, collagen and fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and good fats, will help you to grow strong, healthy nails, that will look great whether you simply trim and buff them or have them professionally painted.

As you can see, taking food care of your hands is actually really simple, so what are you waiting for?

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