When a mother or father is expecting a kid, every mother or father wants the best for their daughter, and while it may be enticing to impart every last bit of wisdom that you’ve gained while raising your own children, it’s easy to overstep the mark and become a pushy parent yourself.

So, how can you best assist in the run-up to your grandchild’s birth?

Let’s have a look at some useful advice below:

Simply Ask How You Can Help 

It’s difficult to know what individuals truly require, especially when pregnant because it’s such a personal experience. Rather than guessing and maybe stepping on your daughter’s toes, build a line of communication that allows you to completely support her during this time rather than making her feel as if you are overloaded with knowledge. There’s also no harm in helping out with emotions such as buying a small gift for the baby such as baby bracelets or a baby bag. 

Don’t Offer Unsolicited Advice

Pregnant women are inundated with ideas and advice, not only from family members, but also from colleagues, friends, and even strangers. Every pregnancy is unique, so while basic advice and answering any concerns your daughter may have would be appreciated, it’s crucial not to project your own thoughts and experiences onto her. Try not to compare your experience to hers. Sharing your experience is beneficial, but refrain from claiming that your advice or experience is superior.

Lend An Ear

Pregnancy can be physically and emotionally demanding from the first trimester to labor. Your daughter may be apprehensive about the delivery itself, what the pandemic may imply for her labor, or she may be experiencing a confidence crisis about her mothering abilities, so try to check in and see how she’s feeling as the weeks pass. Make time for your daughter to guarantee that you are available to listen to any concerns she may have and to provide her with much-needed comfort and support.

Never Judge

When it comes to another person’s pregnancy, the classic adage “mother knows best” does not apply — even if it is your own daughter. You may have ‘been there, done that,’ but your daughter must forge her own path. Parenting and lifestyle, in general, have changed dramatically, and what was perfect for you may not be right for someone else. You should support your daughter in whatever she chooses: whether it’s unusual baby names or her preference for a cesarean or a water delivery. It’s critical that you don’t pass judgment on your daughter’s personal decisions, 

Give Her Space 

Pregnancy may be a very stressful period, and I’m sure you’d rather lessen tension and anxiety than add to it. So keep that in mind when contacting your daughter. Try not to expect rapid responses to messages, and don’t take it so personally if your phone calls go unnoticed or if they hang up on you – you may have called at an inconvenient time. Also, keep in mind that her mood may change. Our hormones alter during pregnancy, which can affect our moods in a variety of ways. One day we may be overjoyed, and the next we may be fearful.

These tips should help you to support your daughter when she is pregnant. Do you know any other tips that could help? Please share them below.