Oral health is an essential aspect of your life. Improper maintenance or neglect can lead to tooth decay, bad breath, the loss of confidence, and many other adverse effects. When it comes to such problems, seeing a dentist can help you solve the problem completely.

The dentistry world clusters itself into two subgroups. One group believes that conventional dentistry is sufficient. The other group believes that unconventional dentistry is the way to go.

Holistic dentistry is the name given to those individuals who use alternative means of solving oral problems.

What is holistic dentistry all about

Many people always wonder what this type of dentist does. These practitioners believe that oral health is connected to the other parts of your body.

Holistic comes from the word “whole.”

Therefore, this professional believes that microbes in the gums can spread to the other parts of the gut, which in turn causes different diseases. When you visit this type of doctor, you should expect them to treat the problem at hand. They will also address other underlying issues and offer solutions for that.

Apart from that, a holistic dentist such as holisticdentistryusa.com will provide natural herbs as remedies.

Why people prefer these doctors

Although there is a massive debate between a holistic dentist and the conventional dentist, this practice continues to be on-demand.

More and more dentists are also converting to providing these forms of treatment because of the benefits they see their patients getting when they start performing holistic dentistry on
patients with oral problems.

Some of the things you will benefit from such a dentist include:

1. Treating your total man

As mentioned earlier, these dentists do not believe in just treating you orally. Yes, they will first ensure that they replace a cracked tooth or remove it if the situation demands so. Nonetheless, they will also offer services that treat any other body problems that arise from your mouth.

Treatments offered by holistic dentists include acupuncture, suggesting nutritional changes, homeotherapy, aromatherapy, including many others.

2. They ensure that they provide a much safer tooth replacement

One of the things that a holistic dentist will not agree with a conventional dentist is tooth replacement. They differ in opinions and the procedure used.

Conventional dentists will often amalgamate the patient using fillings that have mercury.
Even though science proves that these fillings are safe, mercury can find its way into other parts of your body. The mercury residues can then cause chronic diseases.

Therefore, holistic dentists will ensure that they provide a much safer alternative that does not have mercury or fluoride content.

If you have these fillings already, the doctor will remove them using a safe procedure. Typically, they use very reliable ways to ensure that the mercury does not fall on any part of the mouth or neighboring teeth.

3. Using bio-friendly materials for your crowns

The usual dentist will use dangerous metal materials to replace crowns and bridges. It is the reason you will find these patients with black teeth. Regardless of how effective they might look, they are not that effective.

Hence, a holistic dentist will replace that with porcelain fillings. Primarily, these types of teeth do not break, and they give the patient the confidence they need when interacting with others. Additionally, when it comes to implants, they use Zirconia implants, which resemble the porcelain fillings

4. Holistic dentists use non-invasive technology

Although holistic dentistry focuses on providing biomedicines, these people do not compromise on technology. Most of them understand that proper treatment means using
modern technology to ensure that they diagnose the problem to their very best.

When you visit these dentists, you will find that they will use advanced 3D digital x-rays, laser treatments to fix gum problems, advanced dental implants, and crown technologies.
In the process, holistic dentists will ensure that they use nontoxic resins, sterile tools, and make sure that the treatment materials are compatible with the patient’s body.

Other services that a holistic dentist will offer include:

Ensures that you have a balanced dental structure
Customizes treatments to suit your needs
Will assist you in your journey of achieving healthy teeth and gums

Final remarks

If you are conscious about your overall body health, then the best solution is to consult a holistic dentist. They have all the knowledge and tools to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. It, therefore, calls for maximum attention when choosing the best holistic dentistry. Ensure that you take time before you approach the best one for your needs.