Hobbies You Can Start at Home Right Now

Nov 2, 2022 | House Hold Tips

Those of us who got to spend some time at home during the pandemic discovered hobbies and skills we didn’t know we had. Of course, it doesn’t mean we didn’t go stir crazy from time to time even if we could have fun while we were at home. It’s important to realize that just because you are at home doesn’t mean you have to stay there, however you can start a hobby from your house. It’s nice to be able to do something for yourself that’s outside of your family connections and your relationships and your friendships. 

It’s nice to go home from work and know that there is something you can immerse yourself in that makes you feel happy and fresh. There are some hobbies that you can do without even having to leave the house if you want to, and I know that you’ve probably spent a lot of time indoors because of the pandemic but that doesn’t mean you can’t still embrace your home life now. With this in mind, here are some hobbies you can start right now from home without waiting.


  • You could learn calligraphy. There is something super mesmerizing about seeing calligraphic writing. With the way the pens move, the letters appear on the page, and even the type of paper you have, you can make calligraphy something really fun. There are practice books and brush pens that you can buy online and have them delivered to the house in a day, and you can then learn upper and lower case lettering and start doing your Christmas cards in the most beautiful penmanship.
  • You could start exercising. Before anybody runs away and hides under the duvet just hear me out, exercise is good! Sweating it out and moving your body can be exciting especially if you find some excellent dancing tutorials online. If you don’t feel like going out to the gym, all you need to do is push the sofa back and exercise from the comfort of your living room. Tons of fitness centers even offer virtual workout options these days, and that’s in addition to peloton another class is. All you have to do is show up!
  • You could learn how to cook. One skill everyone needs in life is the skill of being able to cook. If you use your time at home to be in the kitchen you can go beyond generic recipes and instead, learn to make delicate French patisserie or learn how to perfect spun sugar Croquembouche. There are so many ways that cooking can bring you joy and this is a hobby that you could eventually monetize if you wanted to. Cooking can also be an impressive skill to show off to your friends about; dinner party, anyone?
  • Learn how to knit and sew. Are you ready to dive into the world of weaving cottons and wools? Good, because needlework and knitting are skills you can carry away into your later years. You can knit blankets and throws for winter, or you can learn to sew your own clothes and create your own miniature line of beautiful items. There are so many different things that you can create when you know how to work a needle and it’s time now to get involved and figure it out!
  • Pick up an instrument. Instruments are a good option when you are discovering new talents. If you love to rock out on Guitar Hero, then maybe taking lessons via YouTube could get you started. There’s never a better time than now to connect with your inner rockstar than now and you have the time and the inclination to go for it!
  • Have you considered painting? Channeling your inner Picasso is just as good as trying to splash paint on the wall of the home. This is one of the most relaxing hobbies because you can put your all into it and no one is going to judge you. Painting is relaxing and it’s a nice way to be creative and enjoy just exploring colors and textures.
  • Learn to make candles. Candle making is a lost art, and you have to think how you could grow this hobby. You can even make them scented if you wanted to! You should think about how you can make your home look and feel warm with the right candles and making your own can often be as fulfilling as anything else! Don’t be afraid to get stuck into this one; much like the wicks you put into the candles.
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