You’ll want your children to be nice and healthy, the problem is not all kids are good at eating their fruits and vegetables. To help your kids to enjoy healthy eating try focusing on these five tips.

1 . Grow foods as a family

When you grow foods as a family you’ll help your children to learn about healthy foods and green-living. Kids that have vegetable gardens at home have a better chance of eating healthier, (and that’s especially true if they help to grow the food).

Create a vegetable patch in your garden, start off by growing some easy veggies, so that your kid’s can help. Show them how you’ll recycle food waste to make compost and enrich your soil. Making your own compost is a great way to keep your gardening practices green.

2. Kids healthy eating apps

Lots of children love playing on apps, and there are several apps which focus on healthy eating themes. To help your kids learn new things today, here are a few options:

My Food Nutrition For Kids
This is a fun and informative application to help kids learn about a range of different subjects. Using these games children can plant herbs, shop for healthy foods, and learn about healthy behaviors.

Healthy Eating Kids Food Game 
Throughout these games children can learn about different food groups, and which foods are the healthiest. Help the panda to find the healthy items, while learning plenty along the way.

3.  Experiment with recipes

If you want your children to enjoy healthy food it can be helpful to experiment with different recipes. We all get bored of the same meals, and repeatedly eating the same things can leave kids with fussy eating habits.

Take a look at cooking apps, podcasts and blogs and try out new healthy recipes. To make a start check out these iron rich foods for kids from the ‘My Kids Lick The Bowl’ blog.

4. Make foods together

If you want to get your kids excited about eating healthy, arrange to make some recipes together. There are plenty of easy recipes for kids online. With the right recipes you can teach your kids that being healthy doesn’t have to be boring!

Make the experience extra fun by using colorful chefs hats, aprons, and creating menus. When you get creative you’re far more likely to engage your kids. Remember, it’s fine to let your children have treats every now and then. Try making some tasty snacks for kids, and ask your kids which fun foods they’d like to make.

5. Support picky eaters

Many children are picky eaters, and it can be particularly difficult to get these kids to eat healthy foods. Luckily, there are so many ways that you can support picky eaters including:

  • Be patient with your children when you offer new foods, (don’t expect them to try it the first time it’s served).
  • Take your kids grocery shopping with you, help them pick out a few healthy items of their own.
  • If your children are contitually fussy, it’s best not to provide another meal option as a backup. Rather, let them learn the concept of trying new things.

With any luck these tips will help your children to enjoy healthy eating and improve their eating habits over time.